For Anyone Who’s Sad Enough To Be Interested…

There appears to be a bug in phpsysinfo on FreeBSD 8.1, where it formats the network interfaces section wrong, due to a change in how netstat operates; it seems they’ve changed the amount of columns and spacing with “netstat -nibd”, which is how phpsysinfo gets its networking info. I thought at first it was just me breaking shit, but after searching around on several other peoples phpsysinfo pages, it seems to be a common issue.

It took me a while to find the issue, but I’ve fixed it through trial and error, for anyone who’s interested, the fix is here:


function network () {
$netstat = execute_program('netstat', '-nibd | grep Link');
$lines = split("\n", $netstat);
$results = array();
for ($i = 0, $max = sizeof($lines); $i < $max; $i++) {
$ar_buf = preg_split("/\s+/", $lines[$i]);
if (!empty($ar_buf[0])) {
$results[$ar_buf[0]] = array();if (strlen($ar_buf[3]) < 15) {
$results[$ar_buf[0]]['rx_bytes'] = $ar_buf[6];
$results[$ar_buf[0]]['rx_packets'] = $ar_buf[3];
$results[$ar_buf[0]]['rx_errs'] = $ar_buf[4];
$results[$ar_buf[0]]['rx_drop'] = $ar_buf[11];$results[$ar_buf[0]]['tx_bytes'] = $ar_buf[9];
$results[$ar_buf[0]]['tx_packets'] = $ar_buf[7];
$results[$ar_buf[0]]['tx_errs'] = $ar_buf[8];
$results[$ar_buf[0]]['tx_drop'] = $ar_buf[11];

$results[$ar_buf[0]]['errs'] = $ar_buf[4] + $ar_buf[8];
$results[$ar_buf[0]]['drop'] = $ar_buf[11];
} else {
$results[$ar_buf[0]]['rx_bytes'] = $ar_buf[7];
$results[$ar_buf[0]]['rx_packets'] = $ar_buf[4];
$results[$ar_buf[0]]['rx_errs'] = $ar_buf[5];
$results[$ar_buf[0]]['rx_drop'] = $ar_buf[12];

$results[$ar_buf[0]]['tx_bytes'] = $ar_buf[10];
$results[$ar_buf[0]]['tx_packets'] = $ar_buf[8];
$results[$ar_buf[0]]['tx_errs'] = $ar_buf[9];
$results[$ar_buf[0]]['tx_drop'] = $ar_buf[12];

$results[$ar_buf[0]]['errs'] = $ar_buf[5] + $ar_buf[9];
$results[$ar_buf[0]]['drop'] = $ar_buf[12];
return $results;

That might not fix it for everyone, but it seems to have done the trick for me.

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