My computers Page From 2005

At some Point I’ll get around to transferring all of the pictures from my old site onto this too.

My Desktop

AMD Sempron 2400+
768MB DDR333 RAM
120GB Maxtor 7200RPM Hard Drive
Inbuilt Sound
8x Emporex DVD-RW
3.5″ Floppy Drive with 7-in1 Card Reader
Inbuilt 10/100 Ethernet
17″ LG Monitor
Windows XP Professional SP2 & PC-BSD
HP Deskjet 3325

Misc: I spend most of my time on here, I built this machine about 2 years ago, Since then it’s gone through 3 CPUs 5 sticks of RAM, 4 motherboards, 3 graphics cards, 3 cases, and a shitload of other stuff, the only thing thats original I think is the power cable

My Laptop

Mobile Intel Pentium III 500MHz
12GB IBM Travelstar
2MB Silicon Motion LynxEM+ graphics
Crystal Sound Fusion
Uses desktop’s CD over network
IBM external 3.5″
3-COM 802.11G Wireless
D-Link 10/100 Wired
10″ Laptop TFT
Windows XP Professional SP2
Shares desktop’s printer over network

Misc: This is my laptop (duh!), this is the third one of this type that I have had, the first’s hard drive died within weeks of me getting it, the second one lasted about 6months and had the same problem, since it was out of the warranty period, I threw it against a wall, the only things that were left were the battery and W-Lan card, which I use in this one. I’ll try not to break this one, honest!

My Server

Dual Pentium II 400MHz (BIOS sees them as 266MHz)
20GB Seagate SeriesX HDD
No sound
No CD drives
No Floppy Drives
D-link 10MB ISA card
No monitor

Misc: mmmmm Dual CPU. I broke a DIMM socket when I was building this unfortunatly so I can’t use the other 128MB EDO SIMM I have. This thing has 7 fans, the loft can get up to about 40°C in the summer so better safe than sorry!

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