I’ve committed another technology based atrocity

Recently I had a rather large tidy up in my loft, and apart from throwing away about 4 boxes of just cables, I came accorss some old phones, 2 of them had memory cards in so I could easily see if there was any data left on them, one however was way older than that.

I was pretty sure that at some point this phone did have some images on, so I went about reviving it. I couldn’t find a charger at all (thrown out years ago), and it was one of those retarded phones that wont charge over USB.

I therefore decided that… other methods had to be used:

Power Supply

Power Supply

I used this old ATX PSU that I’d desoldered all the leads from and added my own so I could get the voltages that it puts out (3.3,5,12,-12). I attatched some crocodile clip leads from the 5v line to the battery contacts on the back of the phone:

Crocodile leads attached.

Crocodile leads attached

Once I found where the power button was, I was greeted with this:



Once I connected the USB cable, success!

If only I used my…talents for good.

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