Many, many eons ago I decided to start a quote DB, which kind of proved to be genius, as many many stupid things were archived for all to see. After I closed my old site, I often thought about bringing it back for amusement purposes, but I never came to fruition. So here they all are, all the ones that were in the DB when I closed the old one down, about 2 years ago.


[01:49:07] <Brynet-Inc> people need to re-name there children.


[00:03:26] <BOD> wtf

[00:03:28] <BOD> By receiving this email from play.com you are accepting our terms and conditions

[00:03:56] <BOD> so..uhh how am i sposed to know what the t&c is, and how am i sposed to know that without receiveing the email?

[00:51:30] <CLR> ?

[01:22:37] <Joseph11> i am a sexual chocolate

If your preference is for structure and good engineering, you’ll like FreeBSD. However, if you use hot glue and duct tape to fix everything, stick with Linux.

[16:55:23] <Brynet-Inc> the french eat?

[20:13:58] * BOD2 is now known as BDO

[20:14:01] <BDO> omfg

[20:14:03] * BDO is now known as BOD

[20:14:08] <Jonneh> pwndf

[20:14:09] <Jonneh> *pwnd

[20:14:11] <BOD> pwnty

[20:14:13] <BOD> *WTF*

[20:14:19] <BOD> someone say pwned

[20:14:22] <EvilMalware> pwned

[01:28:49] <x512|HPC> BARNEY, MY PEBBLES!Q

R U a newbie?

To put it “lightly”: the Windows user is the car owner that gets his car from the dealer, and services his car from the dealer. He can change his oil and probably ventures to the local goodyear service station when he needs tires or his heater core takes a dump. The Linux user gets his car used (could be new,) and does most or all his own maintenance/modifications. Probably takes the car to the shop for engine/transmission work, but proudly drives a machine he mostly maintains himself. FreeBSD users drive tanks. They may not be pretty, don’t have a radio (but it can be installed) but are damn near unstoppable and for the most, impenetrable. Just to cover the Mac users. They drive BMWs: quality comes at a price and they think they’re better than you.

[23:45:49] <Brynet-Inc> down it goes

[23:45:54] <Jonneh> yep

[23:46:01] <BOD> [23:45:43] <BOD> OMG THE SERVERS DIEING!!!111

[23:46:08] <Jonneh> [23:45:42] <@Jonneh> Yep

[23:46:09] <Jonneh> [23:45:50] <@Jonneh> SVN’s off

[23:46:09] <Jonneh> [23:46:02] * Disconnected

[23:46:27] <Jonneh> Just rebooting?

[23:47:04] <Brynet-Inc> she lives ๐Ÿ˜›

[23:47:21] <BOD> SHES DEAD OMG NO!!!111

[23:47:25] <BOD> BRY HOW COULD YOU?!?

[23:47:25] <Jonneh> haha

[23:47:27] <BOD> MUDERER!

[23:47:28] <Jonneh> owned

[23:47:40] <Brynet-Inc> o.O

[23:47:42] <Brynet-Inc> OMG

[23:48:02] <BOD> lets solve teh murder!

[23:48:07] * BOD gets cluedo

[18:31:59] <BOD> bry

[18:32:07] <BOD> http://bod.no-ip.org/~bod/img/trillianmultiuser.jpg

[18:32:08] <Brynet-Inc> bod

[18:32:10] <BOD> youre wrong

[18:32:11] <Brynet-Inc> BOD can’t convince me ๐Ÿ˜‰

[18:32:17] <Jonneh> …

[18:32:50] <BOD> …you should be a linux user y’know, ive proved you wrong, so youre going for the “im not listening lalalal” trick

[18:33:02] <Jonneh> LMAO

[18:34:11] <Brynet-Inc> BOD can’t convince me ๐Ÿ˜‰

[00:21:44] <Brynet-Inc> …though when you’d rather chew your arm off instead of waking the person up beside you.. it’s time to find a new hobby

[00:36:41] <Brynet-Inc> #tip, never play chicken with a train

[00:36:51] <BOD> i dont plan to bry

[00:37:02] <Brynet-Inc> good.. thats the only driving rule I have.

[00:37:04] <Brynet-Inc> ๐Ÿ˜›

[00:37:57] <BOD> what about not driving into lakes?

[00:38:12] <Brynet-Inc> always good to visit the fish..

[14:07:03] <BOD> ian mcellan is a genius

[14:07:25] <BOD> “I’d have though that the church would be happy about the da vinci code, if anything it proves jesus wasnt gay”

[23:31:15] <Jonneh|Laptop> Could all whores please evacuate the channel?

[23:31:22] * Jonneh|Laptop was kicked by BOD (Cya later – much later)

[23:30:46] <x512dev> Remember, sticks and stones will break your bones, but a 50 foot fall will kill y’all.

18:43:20 | @Jonneh: if you own a legal copyright, you can get the domain for free (if someone has it already and they aren’t making use of it)

18:43:39 | ~Brynet-Inc: interesting

18:44:01 | ~Brynet-Inc: so someone can get linux.org… nobody’s making use of it.

A programmer started to cuss

‘cos getting to sleep was a fuss

whilst lying in bed

looping round in his head

was while(!asleep) sheep++;

You’re an idiot on so many levels, that I feel almost overwhelmed. Science can learn a lot from someone this stupid

[22:59:52] <Jonneh> you know you’re blonde when…

[22:59:53] <Jonneh> Bex says:

[22:59:53] <Jonneh> i downloded a trojan horse which downloaded porn which made my cd/dvd drive not work

[23:57:21] <@Jonneh> RANDOM DAILY CHECK: Could all arsewipes please evacuate the channel for testing purposes?

[23:57:35] * BryBot sets mode: +o BOD

[23:57:39] * You were kicked by BOD (Perhaps you should try real life for a while)

[23:57:39] * Attempting to rejoin channel #Brynet-Inc

[23:57:40] * Rejoined channel #Brynet-Inc

[23:57:40] * Topic is ‘….::: Welcome to Brynet-Inc! :::….’

[23:57:40] * Set by Brynet-Inc on Mon May 29 09:42:50

[23:57:40] * BryBot sets mode: +o Jonneh

[23:57:41] <@BOD> pwnt

[23:57:46] <@Jonneh> …

[23:57:52] <@BOD> you shoujld really stop doing that

[23:58:06] * @BOD points to ones of his quotes

[23:58:06] * BOD was kicked by Jonneh (it’s cool, you should too)

[23:58:06] * Joins: BOD (bod@brynet-1744E8C2.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com)

[23:58:06] * BryBot sets mode: +o BOD

[23:58:13] <@BOD> O.o

[04:06:37] <@Kelsey> what ircd do they have

[04:06:39] <ndspspx> mines #CHS

[04:06:41] <ndspspx> lol

[04:06:44] <ndspspx> not an irc

[04:06:48] <ndspspx> kels

[04:07:06] <@Kelsey> ?????

[04:07:14] <T4|AFK> noes! Kelsey has the CLR syndrome!

[04:07:20] <Jonneh> lmao!!!!

[04:07:21] <@Kelsey> Huh?

[17:21:55] <+BOD> “ooh pretty sign off button, doh i cant talk..*sign on* oohh prettys button…doh *sign on* ohh pretty…wait NO! ITS EVIL!!!11”

Unfortunatly for you, talent skips a generation. But don’t worry, your kids will be geniuses.

[16:22:58] <BOD> haha, i love the way people are like “omg oss has a good online community”, i wouldnt really call being told to RTFM by someone with the social skilsl of a tree a “community”

[16:25:07] Paul: what are we gunna do about foodstuffs next week?

[16:26:04] BOD: no idea

[16:26:16] Paul: excellent!

[16:27:37] BOD: we can always become canibals and find some emos

[16:28:00] Paul: You are what you eat.

[16:28:06] Paul: So bad idea.

[19:38:36] <~Brynet-Inc> dev-C++ only has one .dev file

[19:38:46] <@Jonneh|Laptop> I’ll say again

[19:38:49] <@Jonneh|Laptop> am a boverd?

[19:38:54] <~Brynet-Inc> GCC is better..

[19:38:59] <@Jonneh|Laptop> am a boverd?

[19:39:00] <~Brynet-Inc> follows more standards

[19:39:04] <@Jonneh|Laptop> but am not boverd

[19:39:07] <~Brynet-Inc> and the libarys are open.. and light

[19:39:11] <@Jonneh|Laptop> face? boverd?

[19:39:12] <@Jonneh|Laptop> no!





Blackadder: well madam were talking about in toilet terms is the latest front wall fresh air orifices with a wide capactity gutter installation below

House buyer: you mean you crap out of the windows?

Blackadder: Yes

House buyer: Well in that case we’ll definatly take it

[20:15:58] <+Jonneh> [20:15:21] <%CLR> t4 you here?

[20:16:09] <+Jonneh> [20:15:32] <%CLR> you here?

[20:16:09] <+Jonneh> [20:15:40] <%CLR> you here?

[20:16:09] <+Jonneh> [20:15:43] <%CLR> t4?

[20:16:09] <+Jonneh> [20:15:43] <%Jonneh> TRAiNER4, it wants you


[20:16:26] <EvilMalware> HOLY SHIT, A MIRACLE.

Improper use of cola might result in blunt trauma, puncture wounds, physical illness, mental illness, caffeine dependency, dental necrosis, acid reflux, death, devastation, and random tax audits. Or it might not.

[22:42:23] <%CLR> ๐Ÿ™ its pooring here

[22:42:29] <%BOD> its riching here clr

[22:42:35] <%Kelsey23> CLR: Do you mean pouring?

[22:42:35] <%Jordan> Haha

[22:42:35] <%CLR> ๐Ÿ˜

Eat a beaver, save a tree.

[23:24:25] * +Brynet-Inc shreds himself with a chainsaw

[22:54:13] <TRAiNER4> we’re coming to rape you Jonny

[22:54:15] <Jonneh> :O

[22:54:16] <Jonneh> YEY

[8:42:18p] <JackTheStr> OMG WHO GIT R DONE DID IT BBQ WTF!

[8:43:31p] <ToxicBubbles> babies are awesome… until they cry… or poop… or basically do anything except sit there and be cute

[07:48:38p] <x512dev> SEVENTY SIX TROMBONES MARCHING DOWN THE STREET….and hey look, there’s Babb! *points*

[08:15:20p] <@TRAiNER4> Holly, off

[08:15:22p] <%Holly> Sit down shut up and bite me!

[08:15:25p] <@TRAiNER4> O.o

[08:15:29p] <%ToxicBubbles> lol

[21:37:57] <%Derf> all i want for my birthday is my two front teeth

[21:38:00] <%Derf> my two front teeth

[21:38:02] <%Derf> my two front teeth!

[21:38:10] <@TRAiNER4> *punch*

[21:38:14] <@TRAiNER4> now you really need them

[22:34:19] <%BOD> searching for logic……………

[22:34:20] <%BOD> search done

[22:34:22] <%BOD> not found

[23:22:43] <%Korrosiv> my modem is having issues ๐Ÿ˜

[23:23:05] <%BOD> big issues>

[23:23:13] <%BOD> like the homeless people magazine?

[00:14:27] <TRAiNER4> CLR

[00:14:32] <Joseph11> …

[00:14:32] <TRAiNER4> rarr…

[00:14:40] <Joseph11> ??????????????????????????????

[00:14:47] <CLR> ??

[1:35pm] <Jonny-the-Emo|Win2K> DIE

[1:35pm] <Jonny-the-Emo|Win2K> —————————

[1:35pm] <Jonny-the-Emo|Win2K> NVIDIA Setup Error

[1:35pm] <Jonny-the-Emo|Win2K> —————————

[1:35pm] <Jonny-the-Emo|Win2K> The NVIDIA Setup program could not locate any

drivers that are compatible with your current hardware. Setup will now exit.

[1:35pm] <Jonny-the-Emo|Win2K> —————————

[1:35pm] <Jonny-the-Emo|Win2K> OK

[1:35pm] <Jonny-the-Emo|Win2K> —————————

[1:35pm] <noone711> wtf

[1:35pm] <BOD_Laptop> are you totall sure you have an nvidia card ๐Ÿ˜‰

[1:36pm] <Jonny-the-Emo|Win2K> wait a sec

[1:36pm] <Jonny-the-Emo|Win2K> I just took it out ๐Ÿ˜

[1:36pm] <BOD_Laptop> OMFG LOL

[1:36pm] <Jonny-the-Emo|Win2K> its sitting RIGHT here in front of me ๐Ÿ˜

[1:36pm] * BOD_Laptop slaps jonny

[1:36pm] * Jonny-the-Emo|Win2K slaps himself ๐Ÿ˜

[01:29:23] <Korrosiv> who ever made this site i am ripping off needs their head bashed in

[02:46:30] <x512dev> Kokopelli is a god worshipped in many tribes. He is a humpbacked flutist. Among the Winnebago, he has a penis which he detached and placed in a river in order to have sex with the girls who bathed in the river.

[14:51:55] <Korrosiv> damn windows

[14:52:10] <BOD> damn doors

[14:52:14] <BOD> and those walls

[14:52:14] <BOD> god


“im so non comformist, im not gonna comform with the other non comformists, and conform”

[01:24:58] <+Korrosiv> i only do drugs when my mom’s family is over

[01:25:18] <BOD> O.o…is it liike the american version of charades or something?

[16:16:37] * Jonneh is now known as BDO

[16:16:47] * BOD is now known as jonneh

[16:16:49] <+jonneh> ๐Ÿ˜€

[16:16:50] * Quits: +jonneh (bod@ZencoNET-6D9EE38D.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com) (Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by BDO)))

[16:16:53] <+BDO> pwnt ๐Ÿ™‚

[16:16:55] * BDO is now known as Jonneh

[23:35:23] <%Derf> what’s so bad about caps

[23:35:27] <%BOD> OF COURSE there are ways to get AROUND IT

[23:35:27] * BOD was kicked by BonJovi (Turn caps lock OFF!)

[23:35:27] * Joins: BOD (bod@DLDtk-51E8094C.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com)

[23:35:27] * TRAiNER4 sets mode: +h BOD

[23:35:29] <%BOD> ….

[23:36:28] <%BOD> or teachers at school, “dont have sex” “but how did we get here.?” “dont be a smatass”

[23:54:52] <BOD> well the solution is simple, install vpc on a ppc mac, and install mac osx x86 in it, then install vpc, run linux, then run vmware inside linux, to run windows, to run vpc, to run freebsd, and isntall apache in freebsd

[23:54:55] <BOD> stability!

[23:35:45] <BOD> [23:35:25] * BOD was kicked by BonJovi (Turn caps lock OFF!)

[23:35:48] <BOD> i find that ironic

[21:34:51] * Zenithus is now known as Olde_English_Cider

[21:34:53] <+Jonneh-teh-Emu> big brother = sly

[21:35:03] <@Olde_English_Cider> how come?

[21:35:21] <@Olde_English_Cider> wow, i’m so much of an alcoholic i’ve become a drink!!

[21:35:27] <@Olde_English_Cider> *SCREAMS!!!!!!!!*

[21:35:36] <@Olde_English_Cider> *faints*

[21:35:41] <@Olde_English_Cider> *drinks more cider*

Other 1337 users have h4x0rd the print command so that their letters come out on a piece of paper, they also got the little switchy thingie next to the door to make the room light up, and they got Jolt Cola to run downhill.

Film at 11.

We’ll do this the old navy way. First guy to die, loses.

What doesn’t kill you today only makes you stronger – until they find out that it too can kill you!

[01:16:17] <Jonneh2> duno what it is with these trousers, but they dont crease

[01:16:18] <Jonneh2> ever

[01:16:19] <Jonneh2> ๐Ÿ˜

[01:16:29] <BOD> iron a crease in

[01:17:10] <Jonneh2> I tried!

[01:17:14] <Jonneh2> it wouldnt!

[01:17:26] <Jonneh2> it jumped out and said “HEY, YOU CANT DO THAT, F00!” and threw the iron at me ๐Ÿ˜

[23:30:52] <Jonneh> [root@cuz psi]# killall -9 bash

[23:30:57] <Jonneh> ah crap, it closed

[23:31:00] <BOD> pwnt

[16:58:15] <Zim> is this a “I don’t wanna work so ill live with parent’s and be their bitch” kinda thing?

[16:58:23] <BOD> fishnet syndrome

Being British is about driving in a German car to an Irish pub for a Belgian beer, then travelling home, grabbing an Indian curry or a Turkish kebab on the way, to sit on Swedish furniture and watch American shows on a JapaneseTV.

[00:45:14] <TechHut> or jonny/johnny or waterver

[00:45:20] <BOD> waterver?1

[00:45:24] <TechHut> shut up

[00:45:28] <BOD> ive heard of bad spelling, but oh man

[00:45:28] <TechHut> just because ive got pubes

[17:59:52] <+TRAiNER4> TV THyME~!!

[17:59:55] <+TRAiNER4> bbl

[18:01:59] <@BOD> O.o

[18:02:11] <@BOD> wtf is t4 watching herbs on tv?

[18:02:22] <@Jonneh> lmao

You know what I really want in a girl?


[21:43:13] <+CoreDuo> oh shit

[21:43:20] <Evil|ZD> hm?

[21:43:27] <+CoreDuo> i just poked my servers power cable and it restarted <_<

[21:43:32] <+TRAiNER4> ๐Ÿ˜

[21:43:33] <@Jonneh> HAHAHAHAHA

[21:43:33] <Evil|ZD> owned.

<Jonneh> Downstream: -1 KBytes/s

<CoreDuo|K6-2> O_O

<CoreDuo> a wood ladder just fell on my 60 day server and it still works ๐Ÿ˜€

<TRAiNER4> …

<CoreDuo> XD

[15:16:56] -jonny.sw.uk.zenco.net- *** Notice — Client connecting at hydrogen.ne.uk.zenco.net: scrawl89 (scrawl@data.searchirc.org)

[15:17:10] -jonny.sw.uk.zenco.net- *** Notice — Client exiting at hydrogen.ne.uk.zenco.net: scrawl89!scrawl@data.searchirc.org (Quit: [SearchIRC] Indexed 7 channels in 3 secs @ Jun 25th, 2006, 10:17 am)

[15:17:10] <@BOD> DIE SCRAWL!!!1

[15:17:22] <@Zenithus> rofl

[15:17:26] <@Jonneh> LMAO

[16:38:38] <@BOD> “we thank you for flying citty airlines, please take the brace position, we kno you have a choice in airlines, looks like you made the wrong one”

[19:01:54] <Joseph11> <3ifLikle> I used to masturbate while listening to my neighbors wild sex.

[19:01:54] <Joseph11> <3ifLikle> Then i met them and they were like 300 pounds. that ruined the whole thing…

[18:02:29] * +x512dev throws Jonneh in the river

[18:02:29] <+x512dev> [root@metropolis:/root]# ls /usr/local/river

[18:02:30] <+x512dev> Jonneh

[18:02:30] <+x512dev> [root@metropolis:/root]#

[19:01:06] <+x512dev> I have come to the conclusion that all British music video producers are on too much acid.

[22:07:58] * Zenithus (zenithus@zenco.net) joins #panic

[22:08:02] <@Zenithus> i’m afraid to ask

[22:08:23] <+CoreDuo> lol

[22:08:27] * Zenithus (zenithus@zenco.net) parts #panic

[22:31:27] * @TRAiNER4 plays with his blog

[22:31:30] * @TRAiNER4 touches his blog

[22:31:31] <TRAiNER4> ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

[22:31:35] <ToxicBubbles> o_O

[22:32:00] <TRAiNER4> ooo squishy

[22:32:32] <SuperChill> O.o

[22:32:44] <TRAiNER4> it’s so sensual

[22:32:46] <SuperChill> you sir, have issues

[00:08:27] <Korrosiv> Linux and Mac OS being better is a Myth created by Open Source and mac faanboys.

[00:13:36] <Korrosiv> i love idots like tgar

[00:16:54] <BOD> wow go figure that one, did you know that america being better is a myth created by americans?

[01:35:54] <@Jonneh> symlinx <3

[01:36:06] <@BOD> proper use of configure <4

[01:36:09] <@BOD> see. 4 is bettar

<Star> Where is your god now?

<EvilMalware> hell if I know

<ToxicBubbles> they have a stick lodged in their buttock and need to remove it

[22:29:40] <x512dev> “My doctor told me I should get my heart rate up while at work, so if you catch me masturbating under my desk, it’s for purely medical reasons”.

[22:54:48] <@BOD> knowing you can spell…priceless

[22:54:50] <@BOD> *cant

[22:54:52] <@BOD> f00

[01:13:08] <+TRAiNER4> you’d be obeise

[01:13:12] <+TRAiNER4> obese*

[01:13:13] <@Jonneh> that probably means im gonna die soon

[01:13:16] <@Jonneh> but i wanna be 50

[01:13:19] <@BOD> *american

[01:13:22] <@Jonneh> lmao

<Brynet-Inc> but that sounds like an unintelgent responce.. *whistles*

<EvilMalware> this.. damn.. mobo

<EvilMalware> needs… to.. come… OUT!

<BOD> a gay mobo? thats a first

[20:36:15] * @BOD has found a bug in jonnys site

[20:36:39] <@Jonneh> o.O

[20:36:41] <@Jonneh> what?

[20:36:52] <@BOD> the admin area needs a passowrd, thas just stupid

[23:58:59] <@BOD> OMG MS SUK I HATE THEM IM NEVAR GOING TO USE THEIR SFOTWARE OMGOMGOM MACS RUle….yet you still use windows and dont get a mac? k

I wish this hadn’t been modded offtopic, because it isn’t offtopic. It’s just really fucking stupid.

Where’s the “-1 Mental Midget with the IQ of a Fencepost” mod option?

[04:05:21] <x512dev> =/

[04:05:33] <x512dev> !voice

[04:05:39] <x512dev> am I spelling it wrong? ๐Ÿ˜

[04:05:43] <@Jonneh> oh wait

[04:05:46] <@Jonneh> it’s spelt with an ‘s’

[04:05:52] <x512dev> !vois

[04:05:58] <@Jonneh> the fact that you tried it is amusing

Stan: Hey look cartman, its a rare species, it might go extinct without your help

Cartman: You guys, thats kenny with twigs taped to his head

<Jonneh> no wonder this isnt working

<Jonneh> i havent put a CD in

<CoreDuo> ..

<Jonneh> i thought it’d froze on “Waiting for a CD…”

[22:17:16] <TRAiNER4> why does Zen keep going down

[22:20:25] <BOD> his router is suicidal

[22:20:32] <BOD> its been watching kerrang with Jonneh

<xptek> I wish I was fat

<xptek> eat people with my ass

<xptek> oh yes

<CoreDuo> O.o

<CoreDuo> Jonneh, i just now realized why its called MidnightBot >_<

<Jonneh> CoreDuo, no, really? ๐Ÿ˜› lol

<merty> CoreDuo: Dumbass

[03:31:31] <@BOD> wtf

[03:31:44] <@BOD> so installing itunes didnt requure a reboot, yet uninstalling did?!

[03:31:48] <@BOD> crack <3

KillCrazy: “YES! finally we get to see some action! i’ve been going mental cooped up all this time, not killin’ nothing!”

[16:59:15] <Zim> “ubuntu” is an ancient african word meaning “can’t be bothered to configure debian”

[17:11:28] <%BOD> why am i connected to an aol user?

[17:11:45] <%BOD> wait…duh

[17:11:48] <%BOD> aim ๐Ÿ˜

[21:53:52] <Jonneh> anyone feel like paypalling me some moneys ? ๐Ÿ˜€

[21:54:09] <BOD> can you paypal minus numbers?

[14:41:15] <@BOD> and i could go apply to dataing agencies as female, and say im looking for a threesome for “experimentation”

<Jonneh> my name means “dumbass” in irish ๐Ÿ˜

<Jonneh> its not funny ๐Ÿ˜

[14:32:54] <@Jonneh> ohh, so thats why its smoky in here!

[14:33:05] <@Jonneh> hmm

[14:33:07] <@Jonneh> wonder if…

[14:33:09] * @Jonneh has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)

[14:33:09] -hydrogen.ne.uk.zenco.net- *** Notice — Client exiting at jonny.sw.uk.zenco.net: Jonneh!jonneh@cpc2-wear4-0-0-cust790.midd.cable.ntl.com (Connection reset by peer)

[14:33:17] <@Zenithus> uh……….

<Brynet-Inc> BAN REQUEST!!!

<Brynet-Inc> lol

<Jonneh> !kb Brynet-Inc

* Betsy sets mode: +b *!*@ZencoNET-C46EBB46.home.cgocable.net

* Brynet-Inc was kicked by Betsy (Requested)

(21:50:21) (+TRAiNER4) kirk has *way* too much time on his hand

(21:50:23) (+TRAiNER4) http://kirk.5000megs.com/ascii/operation-timed-out-bodsite.html

(21:50:27) (+TRAiNER4) timed out on bod’s site ๐Ÿ˜

(21:50:38) (@BOD) ๐Ÿ˜

(21:50:39) (@BOD) ๐Ÿ˜

(21:50:40) (@BOD) ๐Ÿ˜

(21:50:47) (@Jonneh) someone needs to get a life


(21:51:13) (@Jonneh) lmao

(21:51:14) (@Jonneh) quote

[23:31:35] <BOD> why are unix users so quick to correct you on their software, but makes tonnes of mistsakes with yours?

i m a system administrator and proprater in paradaise computer.i make diffrunt bissnese. i m intrested server menufetcharing so pl send detels yor server hard ware produkt & sofwar reqvayrment. my e-mail add. is

[15:12:00] <Jonneh> Mac users are like a cult, like those there Scientologists

<Korrosiv> my stomach feels like its eating itsself

<Joseph11> that’s normal

[12:57] <@Jonneh> when you’re at school, YOU LEARN. not get things taken off you, you searched, etc…

[12:57] <@Jonneh> what is it? a prison school or something?

[12:57] <@BOD> dumbass, kids havent learnt in school for years ๐Ÿ˜›

[12:57] <@Jonneh> lmao

[12:57] <@BOD> whereve you been lately?

[22:41] <@BOD> brynet-inc? ยฃ3.99?

[22:41] <+Brynet-Inc> hushy!

[22:42] <@BOD> special one time pricve of ยฃ3.49, payable in monhtly installements of ยฃ10 for 10years….

(22:44:44) (+Brynet-Inc) ma Engrish Pwnz j00

(02:41:42) (+TRAiNER4) took Longhorn 4074 25 minutes to boot up on a 500MHz 256MB RAM, think how long it would take for you

(02:41:52) (@Jonneh) ๐Ÿ˜ holy shit

(02:42:04) (@Jonneh) it took 5 minutes on my old Athlon when it had 512MB of RAM

(02:42:09) (@Jonneh) well

(02:42:10) (@Jonneh) 2 minutes

(02:42:13) (@Jonneh) thats pushing it

(02:42:14) (@Jonneh) 30 seconds

(02:42:19) (@Jonneh) okay, 10 tops

(02:42:32) (@Jonneh) right, it actually didnt show a loading screen at all.

<Joseph11> i wanna fuck a dog in the ass

(18:51:10) (~Zenithus) 512’s internet == stability of iraqi government

[20:38:32] <~Zenithus> if my dad talked to me like that, i’d be like “hey, bitch…wtf do you think you’re doing? you ever talk to me like that again…and i’ll kick you square in the nuts!!”

[20:43:18] <~Zenithus> “so you insert the toast into the motherboard like this, then butter the graphics card, and you’re good!”

[20:43:22] <@Jonneh> “Hey, the screw driver just fell in the powersupply.” “Hmm, let me get it out…”

[20:43:35] <@Jonneh> *JJJSHJSJSHGH (electric shock) GdkfjbghjbkdgKGJ?dfgd!!!!*

[20:43:45] <~Zenithus> “Hmm, the PC isn’t working, it must need more beer..” *pours*


[20:57:23] <Zenithus> cardiff’s leisure centre is a sheep tied to a lampost

<x512iMac> Yeah baby, I’m a VERY dirty boy

<x512iMac> er…wrong window x.x

[15:19:57] <Jonneh> next, they’ll be shipping Microsoft Windows XP Professional-I

[15:20:01] <Jonneh> without IE ๐Ÿ˜

[15:20:05] * Jonneh kicks AntiTrust

[15:21:51] <@BOD> “mummy how do i get on the internet?” “you need a browser” “lets download one….wait…hwo do we do that?”

[16:44:23] <Korrosiv> I have the WRONG type of RAM in this PowerMac and I have had not ONE kernel panic do the same with a windows machine and *BSOD*

[16:44:39] <Joseph11> :O

[16:45:02] <%BOD> and how is that windows’s fault?

[16:45:04] <Korrosiv> i don’t have the correct PC100 RAM but so far no crashes or anything

[16:45:19] <Korrosiv> it just is

[16:45:19] <%BOD> i dunno whether you ever noticed, but MS dont do pc hardware

[16:45:24] <%BOD> haha, nice excuse

(12:37:10) (@BOD) yes, becuase this guy can speak english

(12:37:11) (@BOD) we sale with out warranty becouse I am don’t now how to conect to many cables.

(12:37:33) (@BOD) hello dont know how to connect to many cables, how are you?

(16:11:38) โ€”โ€บ quit: (BOD) (bod@bod.no-ip.org) (Broken pipe)

(16:13:25) โ€”โ€บ join: (BOD) (bod@bod.no-ip.org)

(16:13:26) โ€”โ€บ mode: (Betsy) sets mode (+o BOD)

(16:13:42) (@BOD) messing with internals of computer when on = bad idea

(16:13:50) (@Jonneh) O.o

(16:13:58) โ€ข @Jonneh suggests quotation

(16:14:00) โ€ข @Jonneh persues

(16:14:00) โ€ข @BOD shorted teh psu out >.<

(16:14:10) (@Jonneh) >_>

(16:52:02) (@BOD) …they not have drugs in canada? or are you stoned from birth?

If Microsoft releases something for free they’re being anticompetitive and evil.

If open source zealots release something for free they’re making the world a better place even though all they’re really doing is increasing Stallman’s power through viral licensing conditions.

How much money does Stallman give to charity again?

[11:33:49a] <+Brynet-Inc> 11:33:08 | ~Zenithus examines operserv

[11:33:56a] <+Brynet-Inc> zens way of looking under Betsy’s dress?

[11:34:00a] <+TRAiNER4> O.o

[11:34:02a] <+TRAiNER4> quoted

(14:51:17) (@BOD) Installed On: Friday, April 7 1789

(14:52:35) (@BOD) Mainboard Manufacturer: Ye Olde Computer Company

[22:18:44] <~Zenithus> i’ll tell you the steps i took: *gets in car* *starts engine* *puts it into reverse* *sets clutch* *puts on a little gas* *car begins to move backwards EVEN THOUGH THE HANDBRAKE IS ON* *jamie panics, but still maintains control, and manages in some unique fashion to reverse across the road into my dad’s parking bay* *handbrake on* *into neutral* *engine off* *pulls out brandy*

(01:28:13) (@BOD) Battery Charged: No system battery

(01:28:22) (@BOD) LIES! you forgot the CMOS

(01:28:23) (@BOD) f00

“our automated service is temporarily unavaliable” << oh yah, so whys a robot telling me that not a person? ๐Ÿ˜›

<Brynet-Inc> nah, just crashed a motel then drove home this morning.

<Jonneh> hm

<Jonneh> cool

<BOD> you were driving a motel?

<Jonneh> lmao


[11:33:42a] <+TRAiNER4> — Users rejoin from a previous split, where Zen’s internet had gone out —

[11:33:42a] <+TRAiNER4> [11:42:21a] <+TRAiNER4> wheee

[11:33:42a] <+TRAiNER4> [11:42:47a] <+TRAiNER4> Zen’s internets are like the peace between Israel and Palestine

[11:33:42a] <+TRAiNER4> [11:43:08a] <@Jonneh|NNS> o.O

[11:34:13a] <~Zenithus_Lithium> heh, its even worse than that, its like the friendship of israel and lebanon

<x512dev> we had to make a currency for all of Africa to use, like how Europe has the Euro, so we made the Afro for Africa

[23:12:48] <Brynet-Inc> I used to have an open mind but my brains kept falling out.

<Brynet-Inc> xchat wont let me say “teh” (witout the “‘s)

<Brynet-Inc> makes us look stupid?1

<Brynet-Inc> o rly

<Jonneh> lmao

<Jonneh> back

<CoreDuo> Jonneh, i can

<CoreDuo> the

<CoreDuo> ..


<Jonneh> bah

<PowerPC> ^ sheep

<Brynet-Inc> ^ Over Evolved Monkey

<Jonneh> haha

<PowerPC> ^ Canadian

<Brynet-Inc> :'( MEANIE~!

<PowerPC> ’nuff said


[14:58:11] <Joseph11> TOE SPERM (pointing purposes only)

[14:58:33] <BOD> …

[14:58:49] <ToxicBubbles> bod sperm shoots from english toes

[14:58:59] <Joseph11> english toe sperm

[14:59:00] <Joseph11> ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

* Zenithus has quit (hobbes.oh.us.zenco.net hydrogen.ne.uk.zenco.net)

* Betsy has quit (hobbes.oh.us.zenco.net hydrogen.ne.uk.zenco.net)

<Jonneh> ๐Ÿ˜

<BOD> >.<

<BOD> zens making tiscali look reliable

<BOD> omg jonny dont you just love than anthana guy on ww he talks without any full stops so its incredible hard to read and no one can understand a word he says cos he talks shit anyway btw i like changing subjects in sentances or paragraphs or whatever the hell i use

[20:56:20] <BOD> hi, can anyone help me, im looking for sanity on the internet, anyone have any ideas that dont include clicking disconnect in my routers config page?>;

<Joseph11> you wanna know what i just realized?

<BOD> 1 +1 = 2?

<BOD> [23:31:36] <Kirk> Dinner soon though

<BOD> [23:31:37] <Kirk> Burgers

* BOD looks at kirks size

* BOD understands

โ€œThese studies are demonstrating a correlation,โ€ added Thompson. โ€œFor example, if the tree in my backyard gets bigger, the hair on my head gets thinner. Thereโ€™s a direct correlation there, no question about it; one happens, the other happens,โ€ he added. โ€œBut thereโ€™s certainly no cause there, or I wouldโ€™ve chopped down that tree a long time ago.โ€

[18:46:10] <BOD> jonneh! run shutdown -s -t 10 -c “pwnt” on your windows machine ๐Ÿ˜€

[18:46:30] <Jonathon> …

[18:46:33] <Jonathon> arse

[18:46:36] <Jonathon> shutdown -a

[18:46:37] * Jonathon (jonathon@A0050E9B.A276B699.F4DDAEDE.IP) Quit (Quit:)

[18:46:46] <BOD> hahahaha

[18:46:47] <BOD> ahahahaha

[18:46:50] <BOD> he did it?

[18:14:05] <BOD> [18:13:01] <Korrosiv> time to find some cat repellent << its called “dog”

<CoreDuo> your doing what? O.o

<merty> F**king Nazis

<CoreDuo> O_O

<BOD> “my twin sister from a different mother”

* BOD attempts to figure that out

[22:59:27] <TheWahbinator> apt-get remove libc6

[22:59:43] <BOD> apt-get a_life

[22:59:43] <BOD> ๐Ÿ˜€

[22:59:51] <Jonathon> a_life: unknown command

[22:59:53] <Jonathon> ๐Ÿ˜›

[23:00:07] <BOD> [22:59:51] <Jonathon> a_life: unknown command << you have issues

[23:00:21] <Jonathon> …

<CoreDuo> i dont look at porn in IE6 like most of you

<TechHut> lol

<TRAiNER4> I use firefox

[01:38:56] <ToxicBubbles> “The difference between saleswoman and a salesman is…? BOOBS!” -TheOffice

[01:41:02] <BOD> the office sucks

[01:41:22] <ToxicBubbles> its wierd…

[01:41:22] <BOD> ive been to funnier funerals

[20:55] Merty: faggot

[20:55] – SmarterChild -: That’s not nice. I wouldn’t say that to a homosexual person if I were you.

[20:55:57] <Zenithus> anhything new on teh internets?

[20:56:36] <BOD> yah, 1342353534 new blogs have been created, 789698769889868778594365978463 new pr0n sites, and no intelligent sites created today

8:55:24p] <@TRAiNER4> [08:51:58p] <%paulmer2003> Mmmmmm

[8:55:25p] <@TRAiNER4> [08:52:01p] <%paulmer2003> KFC owns

[8:55:25p] <@TRAiNER4> [08:52:06p] <%paulmer2003> and Taco Bell!

[8:55:30p] <@TRAiNER4> you wonder why he’s fat

[8:55:31p] * @TRAiNER4 runs

[8:56:04p] * @paulmer2003 tosses a rock at TRAiNER4

[8:56:17p] * @TRAiNER4 ducks, rock hits oldmankdude

[8:56:43p] โ€ขโ€บโ€บ Quit : oldmankdude (oldmankdud@ph33r.us.only.the.1337.chill-with.us) has Quit iRC ()

[8:56:59p] <@TRAiNER4> lawl he died

[8:57:05p] <@paulmer2003> Who?

[8:57:14p] <@paulmer2003> oh.

[8:57:14p] <@paulmer2003> lol

<PowerPC> do you talk to yourself bry? ๐Ÿ˜

<Jonneh|Laptop> ๐Ÿ˜

<Brynet-Inc> 1 second, i’ll ask myself when I get back

[10:51:26a] <~Brynet-Inc> *poke*

[10:51:34a] <@TRAiNER4> *punch*

[10:52:09a] <~Brynet-Inc> ..dang.. thats like bringing a gun to a game of chess

<eMalware> a pleasure a day keeps the emo away

[01:47:04] <eMalware> ;gj]<mgakl]“geg_Yq

[01:47:16] <BOD> em really needs to sort out his english

[01:47:19] <Jonathon> O.O

[16:57:39] * @BOD puts burgers in girl

[16:57:40] * @BOD waits

[16:57:44] <~Zenithus> …

[16:57:47] <~Zenithus> *grill

<BOD> wat iz tht?

<Jonathon|Server> o.o

<BOD> lol i r clevar

<Jonathon|Server> u r suitpid!!1

<BOD> no i notz

<BOD> i related to teh king of clevarness, technut

Good evening customers and welcome, whilst in out store tonight, why not visit isle 11? Where you can find cures for the myriad of tropical diseases you’ll aqcuire eating our food

[22:28:48] <@Jonathon|Server> he is the *SLOWEST* typer known to existance

[22:29:30] <@BOD> o…

[22:29:31] <@BOD> r….

[22:29:33] <@BOD> l….

[22:29:37] <@BOD> wtf is y

[22:29:38] <@BOD> …

[22:29:39] <@BOD> …

[22:29:39] <@Jonathon|Server> lmao

[22:29:40] <@BOD> ..

[22:29:42] <@BOD> y…

[00:41:10] <TechHut> i need protection when I get into a fight

[00:41:17] * TechHut grabs condom

[00:41:20] <TechHut> and there we go

[00:41:21] <TechHut> ready!

[00:41:41] <BOD> srtange way of fighting you havce

[00:41:54] <BOD> remind me to not getinto fights with you

<Jonathon|Laptop> america = retraded

<Jonathon|Laptop> *retarded.

[23:04:51] * Now talking in #ZencoNET

[23:04:51] * Betsy sets mode: +o BOD

[23:04:52] * merty-68k is bored

[23:04:55] <TRAiNER4> NO!


[23:05:03] <TRAiNER4> NONONONONONO!!!11111!!!!~!~1`1`1~1`11

<ToxicBubbles> sister sent me sonograms of her baby… but its in some fucking .tiff format

<ToxicBubbles> but she showed me the originals when she came over yesterday

<ToxicBubbles> her baby looked like he was jerking off in the womb

<ToxicBubbles> ๐Ÿ˜›

Dad: There’s a special name for reverse evolution.

Me: Yeah, they’re called Americans

[15:42:14] <Jonathon|Server> go on who wants to be a millionare: win a million in 15 questions

[15:42:30] <Jonathon|Server> go on sudo Q, answer like 30 questions, and win ยฃ1000, not forgetting using your sudoku knowlege

[15:42:33] <Jonathon|Server> *knowledge

[15:42:37] <Jonathon|Server> which would you pick? ๐Ÿ˜

[15:42:47] <BOD> neither ๐Ÿ™‚

[15:42:57] <Jonathon|Server> …

[15:43:04] <Jonathon|Server> which would you HYPOTHETICALLY pick?

[15:43:13] <BOD> neither ๐Ÿ™‚

[15:43:17] <Jonathon|Server> …

[15:43:24] <Jonathon|Server> gline or kill?

[15:43:39] * Jonathon|Server (jonathon@ZencoNET-3C125198) Quit (Killed (BOD (this one)))

073. Do you suffer with low self-esteem, depression or some kind of medical or eating disorder?: no. I rule.

I’m not saying AT&T is “the best of us,” but your proposed remedies are fucking childish. Do you also support capital punishment for late pizza delivery?

<Jonathon> anyone here?

<Jonathon> …

<CoreDuo> nope

<Jonathon> damn

<Jonathon> hey, wait a minute ๐Ÿ˜

<eMalware> emalware@188:~$ mv /usr/trainer4/sanity /dev/null

<eMalware> mv: cannot stat `/usr/trainer4/sanity’: No such file or directory

<eMalware> emalware@188:~$

[01:51] DuffDude650: Talking about nukes…

[01:51] DuffDude650: “Traditionally, most of Australia’s imports come from overseas.”

[01:51] DuffDude650: Uhh…o rly?

[01:51] Ricky: Australia has nukes?!

[01:51] DuffDude650: No no no


[04:14:57] <~BOD> “i dont ever start my car, i just leave it running, but for some strage reason, ive been very ill whilst in my garage”

<Knezzen> Guess which dependecies gcc has? ๐Ÿ™‚

<Knezzen> gcc!

<ToxicBubbles> -DLDtk- [Logon News – Sep 01 2006] metropolis.* is back up due to an outage because of a dog-induced power cable failure. The server tried to reboot on its own but encountered a “304 – Keyboard or system unit error”. After plugging in a keyboard, all services loaded fine and the server is back up.

<ToxicBubbles> o rly?

<Star> lol

<Star> that sounds….

<Star> really redneck

<Star> “the dog ate my power cord”

<ToxicBubbles> the excuse for the 21st century

<ToxicBubbles> I didn’t do my homework because the dog ate my power cord

That was one of the most painful articles I’ve read in a while. It’s hard to take a review seriously when there’s a typo or missing word in almost every single paragraph. It was almost like I was reading slashdot…

[18:44:09] <BOD> playing: “The Who – Baba O’Reily” [128kbps][44kHz][Stereo]

[18:44:18] <Jonathon> O REILY?

[03:01:37] <TechHut> these bug foggers

[03:01:46] <TechHut> i set off 4 in the basement

[03:01:52] <Zimmy> ah

[03:01:57] <TechHut> so now we shouldnt have a pest problem

[03:02:07] <BOD> it failed ๐Ÿ˜

[03:02:07] <TechHut> an d in my garage

[03:02:09] <BOD> youre still here

<Killerfurbies> women are incompetant

<Killerfurbies> it’s a known fact

<ToxicBubbles> WHAT?

<Killerfurbies> kidding

<Killerfurbies> kidding….

<ToxicBubbles> No no

<CoreDuo> lmao

<ToxicBubbles> I’m kicking your ass

* Killerfurbies has quit IRC (Quit: kidding)

<ToxicBubbles> you better run

[20:34:55] <eMalware> snow is cool

[20:34:59] <eMalware> riight

[20:34:59] <BOD> no shit

[20:35:03] <BOD> genius malware

20:18 <+JordanTP> Earlier today

20:19 <+JordanTP> I had a big inch long spider on my sweater

20:19 <+JordanTP> So I threw it in my locker

20:19 <+JordanTP> Then 2 hours later

20:19 <+JordanTP> It was there

20:19 <+eightballx-RIP`Steve> Replace spider, with dick, and sweater with ass

20:19 <+JordanTP> so I took it out

( +weeder ) if i restart teh comp will my uptime reset?

<eMalware> if it wasn’t for date rape I would never get laid!

[01:15:45] <eMalware> what the hell is add

[01:16:00] <BOD> opposite of subtract

[01:16:05] <eMalware> *ADD

[01:16:12] <BOD> oh that

[01:16:19] <BOD> the hyperactive stuff

[01:16:22] <eMalware> indeed

[01:16:27] <BOD> or as its more commonly known

[01:16:41] <BOD> giving your kids too much sugar and not being disciplined

[01:16:56] <eMalware> lawl

[01:17:19] <BOD> seriously, thats all it is

[01:17:36] <BOD> smack your godamn kids, none of this newage parenting

[01:17:39] <BOD> that timeout bullshit

[01:17:45] <BOD> smack them upside the head

[01:17:52] <BOD> worked for me, and most of my freinds


[01:19:10] <BOD> and doing nothing but sending them to their room for 5mins doesnt? omng i can beat up my brother and get away with it by sitting in my room watching tv!yays

[01:19:19] <eMalware> hahaha

[01:14:54] <x512dev> I wanna learn how to play the bagpipe

[01:14:59] <BOD> why?

[01:15:10] <BOD> its gotta be the worst instrument *ever* invented

[01:15:16] <eMalware> wear a kilt while you’re playing it and take pics

[01:15:17] <x512dev> it always seemed cool. but then I’d have to get the matching plaid manskirt thing

[01:15:39] <x512dev> plus, it can annoy people if you go by their house and start playing at 3AM

[01:15:48] <eMalware> that’d be fun

[01:15:55] <BOD> you could just kill a cat

[01:15:59] <BOD> less skirts involved

[01:56:08] <BOD> lmao

[01:56:08] <CoreDuo> lmao

[01:56:09] <CoreDuo> :

[01:56:10] <CoreDuo> ๐Ÿ˜›

[01:56:12] <BOD> SNAP!

[13:52:10] <BOD> what about a lead condom?

[13:52:23] <fogWraith> Lead would protect from radiation

[13:52:38] <BOD> exactly. be prepared for every situation

[13:52:43] <BOD> dunno wtf these people have fucked before you

[23:20:20] <TechHut> lmo

[23:20:47] <BOD> techhut has no ass

[02:21:08] <T4|AFK> my penis tickles ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

[14:17:56] <TechHut> kneezen

[14:18:01] <TechHut> i meatspun my brother twice

[14:18:06] <TechHut> and his friend

[14:18:12] <TechHut> so thats 4 1337 Tickets right?

[14:18:16] <BOD> did you show him the site, or a live performance?

<weeder> they suck the cockrell

<eMalware> so do I

[01:39:27] <BOD> !seen Zenithus

[01:39:27] <Betsy> I don’t know who Zenithus is.

[02:08:05] <CoreDuo> and to finish it off

[02:08:06] <CoreDuo> horses?: they are too big to fuck but maybe play with

[02:08:18] <BOD> :S

[02:08:33] <TechHut> lmao

[02:08:34] <TechHut> HORSESEX

<TechHut> tell me if i miss anything

<@CoreDuo> a life? Sure

<TechHut> up the ass is good

<+eMalware> ……

<+eMalware> techhut just admitted to being homosexual!

<TechHut> yep

<TechHut> i sure am

<@CoreDuo> quoted

[08:32:52p] <Jonathon> 3 > 5

[08:32:55p] <Jonathon> I thought you knew that…

01:31 <+Jordan> I’m assuming calling and bitching didn’t solve anything

01:31 <@BOD> im not even gonna bother

01:31 <@BOD> if i wanted to talk to indians id go over the road to the shop

<TechHut> yum

<TechHut> fresh cums and bacon

<TechHut> eggs*

<Jonny> …

<TechHut> its a common typo

<Jonny> ..yeah..

21:48 * Jonny np: Queen – Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy [02:54m/128Kbps/44KHz]

21:48 <+bod-irssi> lover boys eh?

21:48 <+bod-irssi> interesting

21:48 <~Jonny> I LIKE LOVER BOYS.

21:48 <~Jonny> Er

21:48 <+bod-irssi> …


Jonneh says:

kiddies ftw

BOD – “His mother should have thrown him away and kept the stork.” says:

ew, paedo

Like i told my mother, she needs to turn her lawn emo so that it’ll cut itself

20:02 <+merty> crap my dog saw my erection and is trying to lick the pointy thing ๐Ÿ˜

20:02 < Jonny> …

20:02 <+bod-irssi> …

20:02 < Jonny> Somethings just aren’t…sharable.

20:02 <+bod-irssi> lawl “pointy thing”

20:02 <%eMalware> …

20:02 <%eMalware> merty

20:02 <%eMalware> you scare me

<+TRAiNER4> ToxicBubbles had sex with *censored*! I want vids.

<~ToxicBubbles> well more like

<~ToxicBubbles> kind elderly men on the internet that pay for your hosting ftw

<~ToxicBubbles> ๐Ÿ˜

<+TRAiNER4> baaaaad timing

<~ToxicBubbles> yes

<~ToxicBubbles> very

[6:06:38p] * ~Jonny-the-smexy-Emo throws porno mags in to the middle of the room

[6:07:24p] <%TRAiNER4> not interested

[6:07:27p] <%TRAiNER4> they’re gay mags.

[6:07:30p] * %eMalware jumps towards

[6:07:31p] <%eMalware> Wait.

[6:07:33p] <~Jonny-the-smexy-Emo> LOL

[6:07:35p] <%eMalware> SHIT

[6:07:38p] <%eMalware> motherfucker..

[6:07:38p] <%TRAiNER4> LOL

[6:07:40p] <%TRAiNER4> quoted

* %merty just accidently touched merty’s dogs ass ๐Ÿ˜

<CoreDuo> ..

[00:13:01] <@Bash> i am going to be just like bush

[00:13:27] <BOD> stupid? well not much effort needed there

Penis: The original hand-held game

<Jonny> And that’s why Scratch doesn’t like girls anymore.

<Scratch> naw

<Scratch> I love them

<Jonny> Die.

<Jonny> ยฌ_ยฌ

<Jonny> Girls ftl, in sex terms

<Scratch> meh

<Jonny> They make cool pets, though

[04:04:33] <Jonny> Cthon98: hey, if you type in your pw, it will show as stars

[04:04:33] <Jonny> Cthon98: ********* see!

[04:04:33] <Jonny> AzureDiamond: hunter2

[04:04:33] <Jonny> AzureDiamond: doesnt look like stars to me

[04:04:33] <Jonny> Cthon98: *******

[04:04:33] <Jonny> Cthon98: thats what I see

[04:04:33] <Jonny> AzureDiamond: oh, really?

[04:04:33] <Jonny> Cthon98: Absolutely

[04:04:33] <Jonny> AzureDiamond: you can go hunter2 my hunter2-ing hunter2

[04:04:33] <Jonny> AzureDiamond: haha, does that look funny to you?

[04:04:33] <Jonny> Cthon98: lol, yes. See, when YOU type hunter2, it shows to us as *******

[04:04:33] <Jonny> AzureDiamond: thats neat, I didnt know IRC did that

[04:04:33] <Jonny> Cthon98: yep, no matter how many times you type hunter2, it will show to us as *******

[04:04:33] <Jonny> AzureDiamond: awesome!

[04:04:33] <Jonny> AzureDiamond: wait, how do you know my pw?

[04:04:33] <Jonny> Cthon98: er, I just copy pasted YOUR ******’s and it appears to YOU as hunter2 cause its your pw

[04:04:33] <Jonny> AzureDiamond: oh, ok.

[08:42:00p] <@Star> I wanna pee on you

[08:42:13p] <+TRAiNER4> ….

[08:42:13p] <+Bashie> …

[08:42:16p] <~ToxicBubbles> quote

[00:08:16] <%BOD> yah, if youre also a chav, 16, and havent had it in months, and happen to have the memory span of a drunk retarded goldfish

<@J> I got a job!

<@J> A PAYING ONE! ^_^

<%Jordan> omg rly

<%BOD> gigglo?

<@J> I start on Jan 2nd

… This advert for the de$igners or for the peoples ONLY! who like promote own site with special (underground soft). If you are not interesting, pls SKIP this POST.

<@Bash> BOD could be a 56yr old Gay Gigglo

<@Bash> :O


<@Bash> you never know

<BOD> and techhut could be a 25yr old syrian goldish

<BOD> *goldfish

<@Bash> damn

<@Bash> i told you not to tell!

<J> O_O

<@Bash> its true…

<@Bash> i am using a water powered computer

<@Bash> and i can generate water with my piss

<@Bash> and i eat by eating air

<@Bash> i weigh 687lbs ๐Ÿ™

<@CoreDuo> quoted

<@CoreDuo> mount -t ext3 /dev/hdc1 /porn

<@CoreDuo> err

<@J> whoop

<@CoreDuo> wrong window ๐Ÿ˜€

<@J> lol ๐Ÿ˜

“It’s bad luck to be superstitious.” says (17:00):

my brother likes porn

Smarterchild says (17:00):

Are you sure your brother likes porn?

“It’s bad luck to be superstitious.” says (17:00):

yes. yes i am

Smarterchild says (17:00):

Are not.

“It’s bad luck to be superstitious.” says (17:01):

am too

Smarterchild says (17:01):

You want me to am too?

“It’s bad luck to be superstitious.” says (17:02):

…you’re an idiot

Smarterchild says (17:02):

You’re an idiot, you say?

“It’s bad luck to be superstitious.” says (17:02):


Smarterchild says (17:02):


23:20:26] BOD rulez u: it might eb something to do witht he fact i havent sleept in like 36hours though

[23:20:33] BOD rulez u: my coordination is totally out

[23:20:59] BOD rulez u: im turning into bush

“It’s bad luck to be superstitious.” says (23:57):


id love to know what the band were taking when they wrote this

“It’s bad luck to be superstitious.” says (23:58):

cause then i know what brynet and my boss are on

shes having more mood swings than a womens institution meeting

[01:39:35] BOD rulez u: this one kid Nathan persuaded to use chillies as a lip balm, and he actually tried

[01:39:41] BOD rulez u: I’ve never laughed so much…ever

[01:39:52] Martin: wow

[01:39:53] Martin: wow

[01:39:55] Martin: …

[01:39:56] Martin: wow

[01:39:58] Martin: haha

[01:40:10] BOD rulez u: I nearly passed out it was so funny

[01:40:14] BOD rulez u: even now I’m pissing myself

[01:40:32] BOD rulez u: unfortunately he left…to go into the army

[01:40:39] Martin: oh fucking joy

[01:40:52] BOD rulez u: now I feel so good knowing that the calibre of people we have defending our country is so good

Random Advice 124 China is a big country, inhabited by many Chineseยฉ Laura says (01:24):

just abit, she is nowt like any nurse i have ever met

Random Advice 124 China is a big country, inhabited by many Chineseยฉ Laura says (01:25):

shes white and speaks english for a start

[12:52:53] <%BOD> well, thats the american government watching us for a week or so

[12:52:59] <~J> ๐Ÿ˜

[12:53:11] <%BOD> my brohter was trying to watch al-jazera ๐Ÿ˜

[12:53:16] <%BOD> teh yanks will watch us for years now

[12:53:18] <~J> ๐Ÿ˜

[12:53:46] <%BOD> and arrest us, take us to guantamo and anally rape us until we admit to havbing jihads against the infidel us

[4:51:46p] <%shadoxx> shadoxx is connecting from *@MW-ESR1-72-49-213-114.fuse.net

[4:51:53p] <%shadoxx> Cincinnati FTW

[4:52:55p] โ€ขโ€บโ€บ Quit : shadoxx (witherb@opensourcep-55995059.fuse.net) has Quit iRC (Connection reset by peer)

[10:40:11p] <+TRAiNER4> [10:32:34p] <@eMalware> wiggly wiggly wiggly wiggly wiggly wiggly wiggly wiggly wiggly worm <= …

[10:40:22p] <+shadoxx> ummmmmmmm

[10:40:22p] <@eMalware> lyrics

[10:40:27p] <@eMalware> to a song.

[10:40:33p] <&Lopez> Sam wants to wiggly his worm

[10:40:38p] <+TRAiNER4> ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

[10:40:41p] <@eMalware> ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

[10:40:44p] <@eMalware> i did that earlier

[10:40:45p] <&Lopez> ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

[10:40:48p] <@eMalware> er.. i mean

[10:40:49p] <&Lopez> :O

[10:40:51p] <+TRAiNER4> :O

[10:40:55p] <&Lopez> quotezorz

[10:41:00p] <@eMalware> damn

[10:41:02p] <+TRAiNER4> way ahead of you

[01:01] Jordan: “weee…slide!….oh noes, waterfall!”


[01:06] * Jordan straps a V8 engine on his bike

[23:40:10] <%BOD> seriously, wtf is with people and those hairstyles

[23:40:14] <%BOD> its dangerous, they cant see for shit

[23:41:04] <%BOD> they should make it legal to not let people who have their hair like that onto the streets without a guide dog

Political Correctness is the biggest disaster to happen to this country since the bubonic plague.

[07:07:31p] <@Sadie> eMalware has a penis?

[07:07:49p] <@eMalware> :<

[02:14:06] <~J> Btw

[02:14:17] <~J> If you type ‘…’ in a sexual situation, bear in mind it only requires 1 hand.

[02:14:28] <~J> So I might think that your other hand might be..up..to something…

[06:28:18p] <&Bash> while Jordan was talking to me on IM

[06:28:22p] <&Bash> i was kinda ignoring him and doing it

<merty> http://img369.imageshack.us/img369/1236/blondechickwithnicepussqi7.jpg < XD

<ToxicBubbles> lol

<merty> it’s not porn i swear ๐Ÿ™‚

<ToxicBubbles> I know

<ToxicBubbles> I clicked

<x512dev> that was mean merty ._.

<x512dev> *pulls pants back up*

[12:35:29a] <+Scratch> mmm eMalware I long for you

[12:35:32a] <+Scratch> wanna see?

[12:35:35a] * +Scratch pulls it out

[12:35:36a] <%eMalware> ooo

[12:35:37a] <%eMalware> wiat

[12:35:39a] <%eMalware> *wait

[12:35:53a] <%eMalware> that’s what you mean by long…

[12:35:58a] <+koll2786> LOL

[12:36:00a] <+Scratch> haha

[12:36:01a] <%TRAiNER4> LOL

[12:36:02a] <+Scratch> very nice ๐Ÿ˜‰

[12:36:03a] <%TRAiNER4> quoted

[16:40:27] <&CoreDuo> winworld + apache != good

[16:40:40] <%BOD> nono

[16:40:47] <%BOD> apache + fish = not good

[16:40:57] <&CoreDuo> fish + * = not good

[16:41:10] <%BOD> lies

[16:41:19] <%BOD> fish + chips = good

Black coworker: Oh, it’s Hanukkah! That’s why I keep seeing so many Jews around.

Jewish coworker: What the fuck? You just wait until Martin Luther King day and see what I say to you…

[21:13:16] <%koll2786> Emo, how long until coreduo gets laid?

[21:13:16] <&Emo> Only 0 weeks, 0 days, 0 hours, 0 minutes and 0 seconds until coreduo gets laid!

[21:13:24] <~J> … ๐Ÿ˜

[21:13:32] <%BOD> so *thats* where he is

[10:46:22p] <@oldmankdude> -rw——- 1 paulmer2003 paulmer2003 884 Oct 20 23:41 beastiality_-_horse_cum_in_girls_mouth_part2_incredible.mpeg.torrent

[10:46:28p] <@T4|AFK> …

[10:46:35p] * @oldmankdude looks at paulmer2003

[10:46:38p] <@paulmer2003> lol oldmankdude

[10:46:41p] <@paulmer2003> I sent that to someone

[10:46:44p] <@T4|AFK> sure…

[10:47:02p] <@oldmankdude> riiigghhhttt

[10:47:03p] <@oldmankdude> ๐Ÿ˜›

If you try and have a staring contest with a dead person, the priest will yell at you and close the casket.

-Mike Carolan

( cooksii ) incest is at least something the whole family can do.

<@TRAiNER4> girls fart

<@TRAiNER4> they just don’t do it in the public

<@CoreDuo> how do you know? O.o

<~J> …he’s a girl

<@CoreDuo> lmao

[02:21:28] <%Bash> then you cant ban me either

[02:21:29] <~J> …

[02:21:34] * %Bash (erik@48CFE3E6.D0BFD00A.55DEF958.IP) Quit (User has been banned from OSP (O RLY?))

[12:35:37p] <%Bash|Typhoon> whooooooo

[12:35:41p] <%Bash|Typhoon> This is the ghost of Bash

[12:35:48p] โ€ขโ€บโ€บ Quit : Bash|Typhoon (user01@opensourcep-DB1836B1) has Quit iRC (Killed (TRAiNER4 (the ghost is dead.)))

You’re apparently new here. Let me explain the Rules of Slashdot.

1. We love Apple (especially when they do something just like Microsoft, and even more if their product is vaporware).

2. We hate Microsoft (especially when they do something just like Apple, and even more when their product is vaporware).

3. Steve Jobs can do no wrong (especially when he does the same as Bill Gates).

4. Bill Gates can do no right (especially when he does the same as Steve Jobs).

5. Any story that is positive about Bill Gates or Microsoft will get tagged “fud” or “troll”.

6. Any story that is negative about Steve Jobs or Apple will get tagged “fud” or “troll”.

7. “One Laptop Per Child” is the second coming of Christ.

8. Nicholas Negroponte is Christ.

9. We ignore Sun (especially when they dominate any specific industry).

10. We adore Java (even though it was developed by Sun).

11. It has been “The Year That Linux Takes Over the Desktop” for about 8 years.

12. It has been “The Year That Microsoft Dies” for about 15 years.

13. It has been “The Year That Apple Overtakes Microsoft” for about 10 years.

14. Ubuntu is God’s chosen Linux distribution.

15. All other distributions of Linux are wannabes…especially the ones that have been around longer than Ubuntu.

I’ve got $5 US that says this reply gets moderated as “troll” or “flamebait” because it contains so much truth about the attitudes of the majority of the Slashdot community.

[15:06:47] <ToxicBubbles> lol under-age porn

[15:06:50] <x512dev> I’ll jack to that

[15:06:53] <Bash> LMAO

[15:06:53] <ToxicBubbles> ๐Ÿ˜

[15:06:55] <eMalware> ๐Ÿ˜

[15:06:56] <ToxicBubbles> XD

[15:06:57] <TRAiNER4> ๐Ÿ˜

[15:06:58] <Bash> ๐Ÿ˜

[15:07:02] <Bash> quoted

<BOD> god i *hate* css ๐Ÿ˜

<BOD> i have to spell colour wrong ๐Ÿ˜

<ToxicBubbles> ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

<Tox|lappy> its not spelled wrong

<Tox|lappy> :O

<BOD> we invented english f00l

<merty> yes it is f00

<merty> The Brits invented english and the US fucked it up

<BOD> ^^ tr00f

I sent almost 600 text messages last month, racking up something like $85 in charges on my last Fido bill. Fucking robbery! My average text message is probably 40-80 characters, maybe less โ€” but for the sake of the argument letโ€™s assume all of my text messages are 250 characters โ€” or 250 bytes. Letโ€™s assume thereโ€™s another 50 bytes of overhead in the SMS protocol (I donโ€™t care enough to research this). Six hundred messages multiplied by 300 bytes per message is about 176 KB. I absolutely refuse to believe that it costs Fido $85 to send ~176 KB of character data. Wankers.

Your brain has been transported back in time. And to mars.

23:19 <@x512dev> It stopped being internets when Koll brought Tshirts into the mix

23:19 <@x512dev> Now, it’s personal.

.:22ยท04ยท18:. ( @Shark500 ) <HappyDude> ARGH, I think the definition of ‘bad timing’ happened to me today

.:22ยท04ยท19:. ( @Shark500 ) <HappyDude> I was sitting there watching a porn vid

.:22ยท04ยท19:. ( @Shark500 ) <HappyDude> And it was just a naked girl in a spa

.:22ยท04ยท19:. ( @Shark500 ) <HappyDude> Then, 3 things happened all at the same time….

.:22ยท04ยท19:. ( @Shark500 ) <HappyDude> 1) I cum everywhere

.:22ยท04ยท19:. ( @Shark500 ) <HappyDude> 2) My mum walks in

.:22ยท04ยท19:. ( @Shark500 ) <HappyDude> 3) The “girl” stands up to reveal “she” has a huge cock.

[07:49:02p] <+Bash|Bliz> What is this “life”

[07:49:07p] <+J`> Exactly.

[22:59:31] <%merty> wtf winxp

[22:59:38] <%merty> it thinks i’m gay ๐Ÿ˜

[09:53:52p] <+eMalware> t4, is this the orgasming chick?

[09:53:57p] <+TRAiNER4> yes

[09:54:19p] <@ka0s> oh man

[09:54:21p] <@ka0s> i made a huge mess in here

[09:54:25p] <+TRAiNER4> …

[09:54:30p] <+eMalware> ๐Ÿ˜

[09:54:31p] <+x512dev> timing?

[22:57:50] <~J> 50 CENT FTW

[11:23:34p] <%x512dev> I have a monster cable in my pants, so long and wide

[11:23:39p] <@TRAiNER4> …

[11:23:48p] <%x512dev> *pulls out and plugs in antenna*

[06:13:50p] <@oldmankdude> hm

[06:13:50p] <@oldmankdude> anyone wanna buy an 80 gb hard drive?

[06:17:06p] <@TRAiNER4> …. does it work?

[06:18:08p] โ€”I-n-v-i-s-i-o-nโ€” Netsplit Detected. ยซHub.Paradise.Net Belligerent.Paradise.Netยป [06:18:08p]

[06:18:09p] โ€ขโ€บโ€บ Quit : oldmankdude (oldmankdud@ has Quit iRC (Hub.Paradise.Net Belligerent.Paradise.Net)

[06:18:15p] <@TRAiNER4> that’s what I thought

[09:41:17p] <%shadoxx|lappy> I love windows so much… infact if given the opertunity, I would have sex with Bill Gates

This is the first car that will make children sick before they get in.

Mark Lamar: blu uhm bla murrgh

Bill Bayley: Sorry? Is this a question or are you having a stroke?

[05:42:22p] <~Tox|lappy> Warning: do not use if you have prostate problems.

[05:42:22p] <~Tox|lappy> -Midol PMS relief tablets

[05:42:34p] <+TRAiNER4> wtf

[01:21:29a] <~J> mmmhmm

[01:22:27a] <@x512dev> free ice cream for everyone

[01:22:43a] <@x512dev> fudge tracks <3

[01:22:47a] <~J> lawl

[01:23:02a] <@TRAiNER4> what exactly do you mean by “ice cream” and “fudge”? I’m a bit concerned :S

[01:23:19a] <~J> pwnt

[01:23:19a] <@x512dev> ๐Ÿ˜‰

[01:23:23a] <~J> uhh

[01:23:25a] * ~J backs away

[01:23:26a] <@TRAiNER4> uhh

[01:23:29a] * @TRAiNER4 walks away

[01:23:49a] <@x512dev> note the <3 too

[01:23:52a] <@x512dev> ๐Ÿ˜‰

[01:23:55a] <~J> Right…

[05:12:56p] <@DuffPC> Holy fuck I’m freezing

[05:14:00p] <@DuffPC> I also feel like I’m going to throw up or shit myself

[05:14:09p] <+BOD_TP> …nice

[05:14:12p] <@DuffPC> That’s what I get for eating

^ bulemic much?

[00:20:49] <@eMalware> there was this one drug addict in my town who was walking down the sidewalk in the town a while back

[00:20:54] <%DuffMobile> That’s my mom’s dream

<eMalware> my sister needs to go to bed, i have stuff to do

<eMalware> i mean

<eMalware> disregard that

<x512dev> you have stuff to do with your sister in bed eh?

[23:03:56] <%BOD> j fails

[23:03:58] <~J> YES

[10:19:08p] * +TRAiNER4 waves to 512

[10:19:12p] * +TRAiNER4 taps foot

[10:19:13p] โ€ขโ€บโ€บ Quit : x512dev (~adefeo@pool-68-237-101-16.ny325.east.verizon.net) has Quit iRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)

[10:19:15p] <+TRAiNER4> there we go

[10:19:18p] <@ka0s> !

[10:19:23p] <@ka0s> trainer4 is haxing x512dev!

[10:19:44p] * @ka0z disappears

[10:19:53p] โ€ขโ€บโ€บ Quit : ka0z (~FishNET@pool-72-82-226-35.cmdnnj.fios.verizon.net) has Quit iRC (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)

[20:37:31] <@CoreDuo_> 1GHz > 8 MHz

[20:38:46] <%merty> lies

[20:39:14] <%merty> brb

[20:39:38] <@CoreDuo_> then you suck at math

[11:26:36p] <+shadoxx> I can be a man, I can be a women. I’m like Kelsey23. Teehee.

[23:21] <RAD_ED> damn rapeists

[23:23] <RAD_ED> i just need a small one

[13:49:21] <~J> FUCK

[13:49:24] <~J> ive got a huge dint in my ipod

[13:49:36] <~J> oh, er nvm

[13:49:41] <~J> its the headphones port ๐Ÿ˜

[22:24:13] <%x512dev> If I were you, I’d keep my bangers out of her mash

<scirDSL> I hated going to weddings. All the grandmas would poke me saying “You’re next”. They stopped that when I started doing it to them at funerals.

[01:13:46p] <@ka0s|w0rk> i ate a moldy sandwich two days ago and im still fine…

[05:42:15p] <@Star> unpossible

[06:31:26p] <%shadoxx|ubuntu> One of the ppl in my class did an oral assignment on STDs

[06:31:41p] <%BOD_TP> ew

[06:32:02p] <~J> lmao

[08:52:05p] <%RevoX> merty — cheaper than hookers(tm)

[22:56:55] * Quits: eMalware (UPP@ppp-70-229-39-15.dsl.klmzmi.ameritech.net) (Quit: ever look at a flower, and hate it?)

[22:57:36] * Quits: nilkiimas (nilkiimaz@pD953757E.dip.t-dialin.net) (Ping timeout)

[23:00:20] <reikon> No

[23:00:25] <reikon> I look at flowers all the time

[23:00:29] <reikon> they turn me the fuck on

[23:00:34] <reikon> fuck yeah daisies

[23:00:35] <reikon> fuck yeah

[11:48:54a] <~J> In the UK

[11:48:58a] <~J> Straight is you!

[11:49:38a] <%BOD_TP> unless youre jonny

[11:49:43a] <~J> . . .

[11:49:54a] <~J> Or Ben.

[11:49:59a] <%BOD_TP> or not?


[11:50:05a] <@TRAiNER4> ..

[11:50:06a] <~J> ..that doesn’t rhyme.

[11:50:09a] <~J> stfu >.>

[11:50:15a] <@TRAiNER4> quoted

[16:58:13] <%x512dev> wtf? how’d I end up on #hot-sexy-boyz

[02:50:35p] <@paulmer2003> TRAiNER4, meh, im not fat

<~J> [21:02:08] <J> …I’m a man with a woman’s kernel. I multitask. ;P

<~J> [21:02:20] <J> (metaphor used as hillarity)

<~J> lmao

<@x512dev> lol

<%KorTP> I want my 900Mhz damnit

<~J> Aw man

<~J> I got blood all over my jeans

[05:18:40p] โ€ขโ€บโ€บ Join : CoreDuo_ (CoreDuo@opensourcep-AB666A24.om.om.cox.net) has joined. ยซ25 peopleยป

[05:18:40p] โ€ขโ€บโ€บ Clone : Mask: (*!*@opensourcep-AB666A24.om.om.cox.net) Affected: (2) Who: ( CoreDuo_ & CoreDuo )

[05:18:40p] โ€ขโ€บโ€บ Mode : (Emo) sets mode: +h (CoreDuo_)

[05:18:54p] <%CoreDuo_> note to self: don’t enable WEP via wireless ๐Ÿ˜

[05:19:01p] <@TRAiNER4> quoted

[11:02:40p] <+shadoxx|ubuntu> My grandma made them, and the first batch turned out too big.

[11:03:05p] <+shadoxx|ubuntu> thick and wide

[11:03:09p] <+shadoxx|ubuntu> but it was a perfect circle

[11:03:18p] <+shadoxx|ubuntu> and it was soooooooooooooooooooooooo good

^ out of context ftw!

[00:59:20] <@ka0s> id rather play with someone as flat as a 10 year old than someone with basketballs hanging from their chest

[09:54:10p] <~ToxicBubbles> .::Playing::. “XXX Panda Porn – sexual harrasment panda reveiled” (320kbps – 48kHz – Stereo) .::OmgScript!::.

[03:21:40] <%ToxicBubbles> I actually sat in the corner for 10 minutes today and rocked back and forth chewing on my hair

[11:25:51p] <~ToxicBubbles> oh bill gates

[11:25:57p] <~ToxicBubbles> *sexes*

[07:41:46p] <@ka0s> oh thank god

[07:41:48p] <@ka0s> i just got food

[07:42:29p] <+TRAiNER4> ..

[07:42:33p] <+TRAiNER4> what are you, paulmer now?

[03:44:49p] <@TRAiNER4> version 1 is your mom riding my dick

[03:44:54p] <@TRAiNER4> version 2 is your mom sucking my dick

[03:44:57p] <%merty> ๐Ÿ˜

[03:45:00p] <%BOD_TP> uhh

[03:45:02p] <%BOD_TP> wtf t4

[03:45:05p] <%merty> Version 2 owns

[03:45:09p] <@TRAiNER4> ..

[03:45:12p] <@TRAiNER4> quoted

[21:15:22] <+TechHut> You know, those kernels at the SVN just really turn me on

[10:40:42p] * +TRAiNER4 waves to J

[10:40:43p] <+TRAiNER4> die.

[10:40:44p] โ€ขโ€บโ€บ Quit : J` (~jonathon@user-54421125.l5.c1.dsl.pol.co.uk) has Quit iRC (Ping timeout: 360 seconds)

[10:40:45p] <+TRAiNER4> ๐Ÿ™‚

[10:40:55p] <+CoreDuo> lol

[10:41:10p] <+varu|zZz> …lmao

[10:41:34p] <+CoreDuo> weee

[02:56:51p] <%eMalware> *that when i wanna try someone out

[02:57:10p] <@TRAiNER4> you wanna try someone out? O.o

[02:57:11p] <@TRAiNER4> ew

[02:57:15p] <%eMalware> …

[02:57:16p] <%eMalware> die

[02:57:21p] <@TRAiNER4> either way

[02:57:23p] <@TRAiNER4> quoted

I find it ironic that kiddies on this forum find it acceptable to buy graphics cards for ยฃ500 that last 6months, yet refuse to buy windows for ยฃ100 that lasts 5 years.

[08:20:56p] <+TRAiNER4> <@knifethrower> [16:51] <knifethrower> my brother has some interesting coloured/patterened boxers <= …

[08:21:15p] <+TRAiNER4> been in your brother’s pants, have we?

[08:21:18p] <~ToxicBubbles> I remember that

[21:30:36] <%Kas> I’ll take Anal Bumcover for $7000

[21:30:39] <%BOD_TP> …

[21:30:40] <%Kas> *An Album Cover

“this race trakc is unsual for america, because it has left hand turns…and even some right ones. It was deserted, maybe because it was too comlicated for the locals….or theyd all been murdered”

[21:13:05] <%RevoX> merty in a bikini

[21:13:07] <%RevoX> gah

[21:16:35] <%BOD_TP> uhh..

<x512> *puts on emo costume, gets knife and MCR cd*

<x512> *slit* *slit* *slit* *slit* *slit* *slit* *slit*

<x512> there, I drew a monkey on my wrist

<varu|zZz> meh, i’ve seen better renditions

<x512> remember kids…not down down the road…not across the street…across the jugular

<varu|zZz> across the street might work actually

<varu|zZz> provided that street is a highway and it’s somewhere around 5pm on a weekday

<x512> lmao

[13:32:45] <%CoreDuo> <Bash> just becuase i have server admin on 8 servers, and a regular member on 12 doesnt make me an addict!

[18:53:40] <@ka0s> food there was retarded too

[18:53:41] <@ka0s> like

[18:53:44] <@ka0s> what i’d call a side dish

[18:53:47] <@ka0s> they thought was a whole fuckin meal

[18:53:49] <@ka0s> wtf?

^ lol american

<ka0s> i think *now* i wouldve known better than using like ten gallons of KY

<ka0s> …or at least not SQUEEZED it out of the bottle

<ka0s> like fucking mustard on a hotdog

[00:35:29] <%Kas> So, I loaned a cell phone out to a friend of mine and she gave it back today.

[00:35:33] <%Kas> It smells like tuna now.

[00:35:46] <%Slayde> creepy

[00:35:53] <%Slayde> wonder what she did with it

[00:35:58] <%BOD_TP> does it have a vibrate function? ๐Ÿ˜€

[09:33:42p] <+TRAiNER4> porn

[09:33:52p] <@eMalware> hm

[09:33:55p] <@eMalware> you mean taxes

[09:34:06p] <~ToxicBubbles> porn == taxes?

[09:34:16p] <@eMalware> on paradise at least

[09:34:20p] <~ToxicBubbles> O_o

[09:34:31p] <~ToxicBubbles> I’m confused

[02:13:54] <%Zimmy> i got bored one day and mastrubated with an apple

[21:23:50] * BashieGur is now known as bshgurlxx

[21:23:52] <+bshgurlxx> lol

[21:23:55] <+BOD_TP> ^ ..

[21:23:57] <+bshgurlxx> I R FEMAL

[21:24:01] <+BOD_TP> we know

[21:24:10] * bshgurlxx is now known as Bash|Bliz

[23:43:45] <%J`> when I first got my card at work..I was like “YEY *out* *in* *type password* *out* *in* *type password* *out* *in* *type password* *out* *in* *type password* *out* *in* *type password*”

[23:44:03] <%CoreDuo> sounds like some weird porn


[23:42:23] <%Duff> …

[23:42:26] <%eMalware> wow, i only have 4

An honest man doesn’t always follow the

law too closely.

<%eMalware> oh yeah

<%eMalware> and we got a new dog

<%CoreDuo> good..for you?

<%Jonathon|Sempron> you got rid of TRAiNER4?!

<%CoreDuo> lmao

<%eMalware> yeah i know

[22:07:30] <%x512PB> columbus was an idiot, he landed in america and was like “YAY, I FOUND INDIA!”

[07:30:50p] * @nitr0gen creams

[07:31:29p] <@Josef11> http://www.lemonparty.org

[07:31:52p] <@nitr0gen> …

[07:32:06p] <@TRAiNER4> …

[07:32:08p] <@TRAiNER4> quoted

[15:50:34] <+Zimmy> I like 12 inchers myself

<%PowerPC> there’s 2 more fucking pokemon games

<%BOD_TP> awesome

[22:26:08] <%CoreDuo> having apt do everything for you ftw

[22:30:39] <%BOD_TP> apt get laid?

[22:31:15] <%merty> sorry

[22:31:16] <%merty> BOD

[22:31:29] <%merty> there is a dependancie for laid which doesn’t exist on linux

[22:31:33] <%merty> life(tm)

[22:31:37] <%BOD_TP> lawl

“Dad, it’s like pointing out the spelk of wood in my tongue, and not noticing the plank of wood in yours.”

[00:55:46] <%CoreDuo> i realized something

[00:55:52] <%CoreDuo> spongebob is a tampon

[00:55:57] <%TRAiNER4> O.o

[00:56:05] <%CoreDuo> because he lives under the sea in bikini bottoms with mr crabs

<%TRAiNER4> [09:00:00p] <%J> fuck

<%TRAiNER4> [09:00:02p] <%J> meh

<%TRAiNER4> ^ np

<%TRAiNER4> no*

<%TRAiNER4> fuck

<%CoreDuo> …

[05:28:39p] <+knifethrower> I took latin

[05:28:41p] <+x512dev> in the ass

[05:28:43p] <+TRAiNER4> so did I

[05:28:48p] <+TRAiNER4> ..

[05:28:51p] <~ToxicBubbles> XD

[05:28:53p] <@CoreDuo> lmao!

[05:28:55p] <@CoreDuo> quoted

[21:26:01] <@DuffPC> You’ve got to be shitting me

[21:26:13] <+BOD_TP> eh?

[21:26:15] <@DuffPC> I’m half thinking alex thinks that “INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE” in the WinBoards subtitle is a real error ๐Ÿ˜

[21:26:22] <+BOD_TP> …

[21:53:40] <%J> apparently, I fail

[00:32:57] <%Gnomish> Because your mother touches you at night.

[00:33:14] <%PowerPC> you sir are backwards

[00:33:15] <%PowerPC> ๐Ÿ˜›

[00:33:24] <%Gnomish> You touch your mother at night?

<%Gnomish> Fuck you eMalware, go slit your emo wrists

<%eMalware> ๐Ÿ™

<%Gnomish> Hah, I’m joking…

<%Gnomish> (Example on how to lose your friends)

<%eMalware> of course

<%PowerPC> not..really..eMalware PUT THAT RAZOR DOWN!

<%eMalware> AHH HE CAUGHT ME

<%eMalware> i mean

[20:47] <eMalware> “In the early days all I hoped was to make a living out of what I did best. But since there’s no real market for masturbation, I had to fall back on my bass playing abilities.” – Les Claypool

<@shadoxx> I’m downloading the new My Chemical Romance album. :X

<@oldmankdude> die

<+CoreDuo> ..

<@shadoxx> stfu

<@shadoxx> I could care less what you think.

<+CoreDuo> 2 words

<+CoreDuo> Emo kid.

* @shadoxx cries

* @shadoxx cuts wrists

<+CoreDuo> …

<+CoreDuo> ’nuff said


[08:00:14p] <%TRAiNER4> wheeeee

[08:00:18p] <%TRAiNER4> there goes washington DC

[08:00:33p] <%BOD_TP> shit

[08:00:34p] <%BOD_TP> wow

[08:00:36p] <%BOD_TP> it worked

[08:00:43p] <%BOD_TP> now wtf didnt that work last time i tried ๐Ÿ˜

[03:15:04p] <~Tox|lappy> !fun 8ball is eMalware teh nothomogay?

[03:15:05p] <&Lopez> No

[03:15:10p] <@eMalware> exactly

[03:15:17p] <~Tox|lappy> uh

[03:15:29p] <~Tox|lappy> if your not nothomogay

[03:15:33p] <~Tox|lappy> your homogay

[03:15:45p] <~Tox|lappy> double negatives ftw

[03:16:08p] <@eMalware> oh snap

[03:16:09p] <@eMalware> :<

[03:16:14p] <~Tox|lappy> you pwnted yourself, someone whip out the qdb

[03:16:20p] * @CoreDuo does so

[03:16:33p] <~Tox|lappy> ๐Ÿ˜€

<%superpie> did i netsplit or something

<%CoreDuo> yes, you did

<%superpie> cool

<~J> yes, lemmie fix it

* %superpie has quit IRC (User has been permanently banned from OSP (no reason))

<%CoreDuo> lmao!

[07:21:37p] <~J> give me some damn cock!

[07:38:54p] <@ka0s> hm

[07:38:56p] <@ka0s> neighbor is in my yard doing something

[07:38:57p] <@ka0s> maybe he found that animal

[07:38:57p] <@ka0s> guess ill go out and have a smoke while i watch what hes doin

[07:39:15p] <+helfrichm> k lol

[07:39:20p] <+helfrichm> go beat him up

[07:39:43p] <@ka0s> eh turns out it was just that chinese woman

[07:39:49p] <+TRAiNER4> uhh

[07:39:49p] <+TRAiNER4> ๐Ÿ˜

[07:53:01p] <@ka0s> i could jerk off to meatspin

[07:53:04p] <@ka0s> lemme find the WORST picture

[07:53:05p] <@ka0s> EVER

[07:53:05p] <+helfrichm> OMG

[07:53:06p] <+TRAiNER4> !!!

[07:53:07p] <+helfrichm> WTF

[07:53:09p] <+Bash|Bliz> !!!!

[07:53:10p] <+helfrichm> EWWW

[07:53:12p] <+TRAiNER4> WTF

[02:16:44] <%BOD> [02:16:06] Paul: bus gives you aids.

[02:16:52] <%J> meee

[02:16:54] <%J> i did.

[03:27:43p] <@TRAiNER4> I knew you guys weren’t smart enough to figure out what the change(s) is/are

[03:27:54p] <%eMalware> we’re plenty smrt

[12:06:09p] <@Bash> anyone a cracker?

[12:06:16p] <@TRAiNER4> yes, I’m white. can I help you?

[12:06:19p] <@paulmer2003> Bash your a cracker

[12:06:20p] <@Bash> lmao!

[12:06:20p] <@paulmer2003> lolz

[12:06:22p] <@Bash> hahah

[12:06:25p] <@Bash> i got that

[12:06:30p] <@paulmer2003> good job!

[22:08:38] <Adcuz> go outside for once

[22:08:40] <%eMalware> i wish

[23:02:25] <%Bash> nah, i have better things in life to do

[23:02:34] <%Adcuz> lol

[23:02:36] <~J> …like making PCs out of cigarboxes? ๐Ÿ˜

<Bash> i love goat porn

<@CoreDuo> …

[01:15:34] <@CoreDuo> have fun with that

[01:16:02] <@CoreDuo> bashew

[01:16:05] <@CoreDuo> sounds like cashew

[01:16:06] <@CoreDuo> lol..

[01:16:18] <J> ๐Ÿ˜

[01:16:18] <@CoreDuo> too bad it refers to nuts, which bash doesn’t have

Erik: 2x 10W CF bulbs

Jordan: Ah

Jordan: Nice

Erik: yea

Erik: they look like dildos though :/

<x512dev> xdcc send CREAMPiE-Attack.Party.III.XViD-PoRNo

<x512dev> shit wrong window

<CoreDuo> …

<BOD_TP> ๐Ÿ˜

[23:20:30] <Bash> you should see #PenisFightas

[23:20:34] <J`> …

[23:20:37] <Bash> vivid imagery in there

[23:20:42] <J`> *how* did *YOU* find that channel!?!

[23:20:43] <CoreDuo> You people have issues

<x512dev> Breaking News, Duff, T4, and Gary seen at emo club during MCR concert

<DuffPC> I remember that picture

[01:57:39] * Bash finds the Off button on J

[01:57:41] <Bash> found it!

[01:57:43] * Bash presses it

[01:57:57] <Bash> NOES IT R TEH SELFDESTRUKT!!11

[01:58:19] * Quits: ~J (jonathon@ (Connection reset by peer)

* Bash grabs black makeup


<J> You KEEP beating me TO IT!!!!!

* Bashew was kicked by CoreDuo (CoreDuo)

* CoreDuo sets mode: -b *!*@<host>

<~CoreDuo> sshhh

* Bashew has joined #OSP

<Bashew> i suck cock

<Bashew> FUCK


<~CoreDuo> quoted

<~CoreDuo> merty is mertyman@is.fucking.stupid * Merty

<~CoreDuo> ๐Ÿ˜€

<@merty> don’t you mean

<@merty> is.fucking.gay

<~CoreDuo> …

<@merty> …

<~CoreDuo> the fact that you just admitted that…

<@CoreDuo> the new Celeron 2.0GHz beats the hell out of the 3.4GHz Netburst version ๐Ÿ˜

<@CoreDuo> actually i think it was 3.6GHz

<@CoreDuo> either way

<@CoreDuo> clock speed != performance

<~J> INDEED, cock speed != performance

<@CoreDuo> …

[11:09:27p] <@shadoxx> mmmm penis

<Gnomish> Damn math ‘teacher’, called my recruiter because I was throwing paper

<Duff> Say you were improving your grenade accuracy.

<+KingCronic> .seen nazo

<%Natalie> KingCronic: nazo was last seen in #chat 12 weeks, 2 days, 18 hours, 40 minutes, and 43 seconds ago: <Nazo> i embed my cock into farm animals for small change

<+KingCronic> pricless

<~J> at least I admit to assraping that little child

<+ZSS9393> macpro’s faster than iMac G3, though.


[20:59:48] <+ZSS9393> My new 60GB drive is so much bigger than the last one

[03:02:05] <+knifethrower> error in writing error.log : see error.log for details

[02:57:22p] <~J> this guy’s voice is the *sex*

[02:57:27p] <@TRAiNER4> …

[02:57:32p] <BOD_TP> …

[02:57:32p] <~J> it is.

[02:57:33p] <BOD_TP> not again?

[02:57:35p] <~J> what?

[02:57:37p] <~J> ..

[02:57:39p] <~J> i didnt

[02:57:41p] <~J> fucking hell

[02:57:42p] <BOD_TP> ๐Ÿ˜

<J> how do you change your nick pass again

<@CoreDuo> /msg nickserv drop

<J> whoot

* J has left #OSP

* J has joined #OSP

<J> ..

<J> oh shite

<J> someone +o me

[03:53:43p] <~J> barebacking != gay fucking

[03:53:48p] <~J> it’s when you fuck with no lube/condom ;P

[03:53:51p] <~J> well, do anal

[03:53:57p] <@CoreDuo> …

[03:54:00p] <@CoreDuo> you would know

[03:54:00p] <@BOD_TP> experience eh j?

[03:54:01p] <~J> dont ask how I know.

[03:54:04p] <~J> ._.

[03:54:09p] <@TRAiNER4> experience.

[03:54:16p] <~J> hey, this weekend pwned

[03:54:23p] <@TRAiNER4> …

[03:54:25p] <@CoreDuo> …..

<@CoreDuo> Transsexual Gang Bangers 11 – Devils Film

<@TRAiNER4> ..

<@CoreDuo> J you shouldn’t upload stuff like that

<@TRAiNER4> …

<~J> sorry

[11:33:51p] <@shadoxx|lappy> …

[11:33:54p] <@shadoxx|lappy> i sucked some dick

[11:33:58p] <@TRAiNER4> quoted

[11:34:02p] <@shadoxx|lappy> ๐Ÿ™

[11:34:07p] <@paulmer> hahaha

[21:50:46] <@BOD_TP> Gnomish likes teh cock eh

[21:50:56] <Gnomish> Yeah, I guess so

<@eMalware> yeah i’m sure gnomish wants 13 year old penis pictures

<@eMalware> you freak

<Gnomish> Oh of course

<Gnomish> Come on eMalware, I’ve got candy

<Gnomish> And a big van

* ~J floppys CoreDuo

<@CoreDuo> ..

* @CoreDuo presses the eject button

<~J> *his CoreDuo

<~J> OMG!


<~J> *DISK

<~J> …

<@CoreDuo> Le quoted.

<~J> thats ironic :/


( J ) yes?

* ~J rips a bit of paper out of his note pad

* ~J throws it at CoreDuo

* @CoreDuo goes out to the garage and gets a cement block

* @CoreDuo throws it at J

<@CoreDuo> erm..

<@CoreDuo> i think i killed him ๐Ÿ˜

* ~J has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)

<@CoreDuo> lmao

[02:19:21p] <CoreDuo> ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

[02:19:41p] <Gnomish> No, you can’t give me head

[02:19:46p] <CoreDuo> ๐Ÿ™

Erik: YEAH


Erik: YEAH!

Erik: *burns radio down*

Erik: noes, no moozik

[21:09:49] <Duff> Managing money well = win

[21:36:18] <~J> Can I just fail

TRAiNER4 is jtmal0723@<lalalalala>.nj.comcast.net * ~

TRAiNER4 on #the-penisless-men-channel #hot-sexy-boyz #OSP

TRAiNER4 using irc2.scratchdrive.com nsx

TRAiNER4 End of /WHOIS list.

[23:44:14] <x512dev> I wonder, how do I like find girls with similar interests and shit.

[23:44:27] <@BOD_TP> similar shit? well first they gotta eat similar food

<UglynGrey> Satan.. Lucifer… the most beautiful Angel, Child of Light

<UglynGrey> what do you tell a born again Christian with two black eyes?

<UglynGrey> Nothing, you already told them twice

<UglynGrey> lol

<DuffAS> nice

<zn3t|lap> way to go Ugly.

<x512dev> http://img.7chan.org/34/src/11779076692.jpg <=== seriously, Bashew is right, that case owns

<Bashew> aww, look at that doggie

<Bashew> ooo, shes nice looking

( x512dev ) “Gay dwarf marriages banned from LOTR Online”

( x512dev ) ๐Ÿ™

] ( x512dev ) I really need to stop watching this movie and listening to the soundtrack

( Gnomish ) x512dev, everytime you find yourself watching that movie, give yourself a swift punch to the nuts

( x512dev ) as if the itching wasnt bad enough

( Gnomish ) x512dev, we don’t need to know about your crabs


<+x512dev> Stealth Ninja Attack Warning Posted for #hypnos Until 2100 EST

* @CoreDuo jumps from the sky and slices x512dev in half

<+BOD_TP> lol, x256dev

<@CoreDuo> lmao

<+x512dev> Alexsis, you guys drive on the left or the right

<+x512dev> ?

<+Alexsis> *Shrugs* Depends when I’m sober.

<@CoreDuo> Genius answer.

<+Alexsis> Hence why I’m not allowed to drive anymore.

This could be serious, they found a hammer in his bedroom and decided he was a terrorist

<x512dev> did someone say hosting

<Gnomish> Yup

<x512dev> how much is this gonna cost me?

<Gnomish> 0$

<x512dev> hmm

<x512dev> usually I go with free hosts that put the dollar sign before the 0

<Gnomish> …

<CoreDuo> lmao

<@BOD_TP> i still like http://a406.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/01172/50/45/1172625405_l.jpg better haha

<@BOD_TP> hairy penis head

<@CoreDuo> so he DOES have pubic hairs

<@BOD_TP> lmao!

* @BOD_TP roffles off his chair

<@CoreDuo> someone quote it quick

<@CoreDuo> before BOD dies of laughter

[00:14:01] <@BOD_TP> ;p;.

[00:14:05] <@BOD_TP> duff: of cours

[00:14:07] <@BOD_TP> wtf

[00:14:09] <@BOD_TP> *lol

[00:14:12] <@BOD_TP> stupid keyboard

[00:14:27] <CoreDuo|Duron> suuure blam it on the keyboard..

[00:14:31] <CoreDuo|Duron> ..

[00:14:31] <CoreDuo|Duron> ffs

[00:14:33] <CoreDuo|Duron> blame*

CoreDuo|Duron> salt..in coffee?

<CoreDuo|Duron> ๐Ÿ˜

<J|AFK> indeed

<CoreDuo|Duron> you have issues

<eMalware> ..yum?

<J|AFK> well it would taste like what THEY were thinking ๐Ÿ˜

<CoreDuo|Duron> how would you know

<J|AFK> er

<J|AFK> well a few weekends ago it just pwned, right..

[01:36:41] <~J|AFK> *shits pants*

[01:36:43] <@CoreDuo|Duron> YEAH!

[23:27:50] <+BOD_TP> although, openbsds name is hardly choice words considering its primary intentions haha

[23:28:03] <+BOD_TP> open is not a word i’d want to see on a firewall

* Scratch is now known as Enlightenmentish

* Enlightenmentish is now known as KDEish

( KDEish ) Zomg I so pwns you Gnomish!

[7:06pm] (+merty): afro are you?

[8:17pm] (@Hidden_Hunter): homosexual?

[8:32pm] (knifethrower): i am D:


* @TRAiNER4 spanks

<@TRAiNER4> bad boy!

<%Gnomish> Ohhh more daddy!

* @TRAiNER4 spanks

<&CoreDuo> ..

[10:04:43p] <@ka0s> i like to get retarded, lol

<J> ju al sm4ll

<J> sm3ll*

<J> fial -_-

<CoreDuo|Duron> …

<J> **fail ๐Ÿ˜

<J> wft

<J> WTF*


<CoreDuo|Duron> ๐Ÿ˜

[05:48:27p] <@CoreDuo|Duron> you’re the death

[05:48:28p] <@eMalware> TRUTHS SIR

[05:55:30p] <~ToxicBubbles> hang on a sex

<%x512dev> I love my Hairy Penis (TM) Action Figure(R)

[10:10:47p] * @TRAiNER4 inserts penis

[10:10:49p] <@CoreDuo|Duron> -.-

[10:10:59p] <@CoreDuo|Duron> blah

[02:30:54] <+BOD_TP> “penis: the original handheld game”

[02:30:56] <~ToxicBubbles> they owned

[02:31:03] <~ToxicBubbles> errr

[02:31:06] <~ToxicBubbles> god damnit

* Joins: Duff (none@blk-222-121-41.eastlink.ca)

* Emo` sets mode: +h Duff

( Duff ) hmm

( Duff ) *wtf*

( Duff ) Oh god damn it

( Duff ) invision needs to STOP FUCKING UP

* Quits: Duff (none@blk-222-121-41.eastlink.ca) (โ€”I-n-v-i-s-i-o-nโ€” 2.0 Build 3515)

( Gnomish ) ^hahah

[23:17:13] <@BOD_TP> well proliants are actually hovercrafts, but with the driver seat replaced with a computer


[23:26:28] <@BOD_TP> yes Gnomish

[23:26:32] <@BOD_TP> i beleive youre that kid running

[00:01:28] <%Gnomish> Well, there can be bad poems

[00:01:34] <%Gnomish> Which is what rap is

[00:01:43] <%Gnomish> Retards Attempting Poetry

[22:45:04] <~J> you shoulda seen wendy’s bra t

[22:45:04] <~J> ..

[22:45:09] <@BOD_TP> bra

[22:45:09] <~J> that she made from elastic bands*

[22:46:14] <@eMalware> feh

[22:46:17] <@eMalware> i have one of those

[22:46:19] <~J> …

<BOD_TP> bra

<eMalware> feh

<eMalware> i have one of those

<J> …

( CoreDuo ) bbl, don’t feel like watching 2 chkdsks ๐Ÿ˜

( Gnomish ) But that’s the ultimate entertainment!

( CoreDuo ) like watching paint dry?

( Gnomish ) Nah, that blows

( Gnomish ) But checkdisks!

( CoreDuo ) ๐Ÿ˜

( Gnomish ) The possibilities!

( CoreDuo ) you…need a life

( CoreDuo ) anyway

( Gnomish ) But who knows what error could be waiting around the next file check!

[11:23:31p] <@ka0s> im wondering how hard it is to do yourself…

“The mud on the botttom of my shoe is more active than OldOs, and it’s sure as hell more intelligent most of the time.” –BOD

<~J> bumfun

<~J> with lubeee

<%CoreDuo> ..

<%CoreDuo> last weekend?

<~J> yup bumfun last weekend

[06:11:06p] <~J> gav sucks cock

[06:11:07p] <~J> and hes the best

[06:11:08p] <~J> hahahahaha

[06:42:01p] โ€ขโ€บโ€บ Nick : drunkytheemmu (jonathon@user-5440eb88.wfd80a.dsl.pol.co.uk) changes nick to (Jonathan)

[06:42:41p] <@TRAiNER4> so your name is Jonathan Petunia Keogh?

[06:42:45p] <@Jonathan> yeah

^ Jonathan = the infamous Jonny Keogh

<%merty> and i give naked mert pix to bash ๐Ÿ˜

<%CoreDuo> …

<%merty> i got rid of 2 386’s last week

<%merty> and then moved all my computers except my mac classic under my bed

<%merty> and for some reason now i feel a sexual desire when i goto bed

<%CoreDuo> ….

<+knifethrower> i love back to the future

<+knifethrower> I cream when they spoof it

<@Star> mmmm, cream

<@Star> wait, NO

<@TRAiNER4> when’s your birthday and how old do you turn

<%x512dev> what countdown?

<%Duff> 16 / April 4, 2008

<%x512dev> wtf when did you turn 15

<%x512dev> don’t answer that

<%Gnomish> Hahahhahahahhahahahahhah

[12:23:49a] <+Uchuujin> stop bringing out the applesex shit

[12:23:53a] <+Uchuujin> i have better things to do with apples now

*Anony-X has joined #mac*

<Emoxin> sometimes when im masturbating i look at pictures of dogs. not dogs having sex or anything, just dogs. like chasing frisbees and shit. just the way they move and their bark gets me so hot. i can fit 3 more fingers in my pussy when theres a dog around.

<Anony-X> mac users, i swear to god…

*Anony-X has left #mac*

<J> No no no, we’ve got to pick something that’s already broken, analyse it, and make a better version of it

<J> MySpace..just..came to mind.

(30 seconds later)

<CoreDuo_> you can make myspace better?

<J> damn right I can

<J> Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect() in C:\Apache2\htdocs\index.php on line 3


( Gnomish ) WTF kind of spam is this?

( Gnomish ) ????????????????????????????????????????????????????!

( Gnomish ) ?????????????5?????????????????!!????TEL????????????????

( Gnomish ) ???????????????????????????????

( Gnomish ) ???A??(28?)

( Gnomish ) ?????????!!???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????!!?????????????????????????ยทยทยท

( Gnomish ) ????????????????????????????????????!!

( Gnomish ) ???????

( merty ) CLR spam obviously ;P

( Duff ) ?!!!!!!!!!!!!

<%Gnomish> J’s the king of fail

<~J> yeah

( Duff ) http://a695.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/14/l_3f9a24abc593a5dcb808422165a064fe.jpg

( merty ) well

( Duff ) Discuss.

( merty ) What’s there to discuss

( merty ) it’s a fucking pedo

( Gnomish ) No

( Gnomish ) It’s the great children wars of 2019

( Gnomish ) The naked children get enraged and begin attacking humanity

( Gnomish ) The children rip off the clothes and dogpile their victims

( merty ) with a nude guy with a small dick ๐Ÿ˜

( Gnomish ) This man is one of the few to prevail against the children

( Gnomish ) This man is truly, a god

<%merty> i have a fetish for black people

[6:20:32p] <@TRAiNER4> seriously

[6:20:35p] <@TRAiNER4> suck a dick

[6:20:36p] <@TRAiNER4> go

[6:20:36p] <@TRAiNER4> now

[6:20:38p] <@TRAiNER4> dog fucker

[6:20:45p] <@BOD_TP> hyst a secz0r

[6:20:47p] <@BOD_TP> *just

[6:20:48p] <@BOD_TP> godamn

[6:21:00p] <@BOD_TP> wtfbadtiming

[6:21:07p] <%Gnomish> Ha

[23:34:19] <+Uchuujin> man

[23:34:21] <+Uchuujin> the other day

[23:34:27] <+Uchuujin> i seen my dog with a boner

[07:46:10p] <~Tox> thicker is good

Blah, Blah, PHP sux, Ruby rules, Blah, Blah, Ruby sux, Perl rules and is faster and more mature anyway, Jada , jada, Apache sux, lighthttpd 0Nwz0rZ, Blah, Blah, lighthttpd is only for special cases it sux in RL compared to Apache, Blah, Blah, APache is ultra l4m3 and OMFG! unsafe! Yeah!, Blah, Blah, the new MS IIS kicks all others in the butt Blah, Blah. crap article, Blah, Blah, good article but forgot to mention C is fastest for webapps, blah blah …

Did you guys all get stoned for Pentecost or what?

The dialogs between my 9 year old daughter and friends over which Playmobile toy is better are more coherent than this.

You know WHY they call it PMS don’t you?

Mad Cow Disease was already taken

* Quits: J` (jonathon@user-lolip.co.uk) (Ping timeout)

( TRAiNER4 ) yay

( TRAiNER4 ) Jonny died

* TRAiNER4 unzips

[11:29:08] <Uchuujin> this is like the 10th day in a row my brother has ditched

[11:29:22] <ka0s> dude

[11:29:25] <ka0s> theres no school today

[11:29:26] <ka0s> …

[11:29:29] <Uchuujin> oh

[11:29:30] <Uchuujin> shit

[09:20:54p] <%x512dev> it’s gettin’ hot in here…I wanna take my cloooothes off

[09:21:10p] * @TRAiNER4 walks away

[09:21:17p] * &CoreDuo|HP shuts laptop

[09:21:30p] * %Gnomish watches

[09:21:32p] <%Gnomish> Oh yeah x512dev

[09:03:12p] <@Star> deep fried ass hair

[09:03:46p] <@eMalware> OH THAT SOUNDS DELICIOUS

( Duff ) Specially formula high grade fertilizer = win

( Gnomish ) Not playing with shit = win

( CoreDuo|HP ) that folks

( CoreDuo|HP ) is Duff’s new fetish!

( Duff ) mmmm rolling in chicken

[1:29am] <+Gnomish> It would be ‘punctuation’ not periods

[1:29am] <+Gnomish> So, Tox, how’s the flow this month?

<merty> <fuhgawz> how big is your penis?

<merty> <MacJunky_G4> ๐Ÿ˜›

<merty> <MacJunky_G4> just out of teh blue

<Tox> well

<Tox> hes a mac user

<Tox> so I’m guessing

<Tox> -3 inches

<merty> lmao

[07:34:28p] <%TRAiNER4> you suck

[07:34:32p] <%TRAiNER4> big huge cawks

[07:34:34p] <%TRAiNER4> I have pix

[07:34:40p] <%eMalware> it’s true

[07:34:43p] <%TRAiNER4> O.o

[07:34:44p] <%TRAiNER4> !

( %zn3t|lap ) do not suck your mouse bitch

( %Gnomish ) WHy do you enjoy calling me a female dog so often?

( %Gnomish ) Is it that whole ‘zomg rebel’ stage?

( @eMalware ) you always struck me as a jack russell terrior, gnomish

( Gnomish ) It sucks worse then merteh

( merty ) lies

eMalware wrote:



<J> ..

[08:06:46p] * ~J np: DVD-rIp (gay pornstar Mike McAssRomp anal good times, with twink blowjob clips).mpg – – [38m19s / 1036 Kbps / WinAMP ]

( TRAiNER4 ) mmk disabled the !btinfo command

( TRAiNER4 ) so y’all don’t know what porn torrents I’m downloading

( Gnomish ) …it’s that bad that you have to hide from IRC what porn you download?

( Gnomish ) Hmmm

Gnomish ) TRAiNER4, stop with the paedophiliac zoo porn

( TRAiNER4 ) could be bad, could be good

( TRAiNER4 ) ….

( TRAiNER4 ) it’s not zoo porn

( Gnomish ) So it’s peadophiliac then?

( Gnomish ) Nice.

[06:23:58p] <@eMalware> only because you touch yourself at night coreduo

[06:24:03p] <%CoreDuo|HP> indeed

[06:24:07p] <%zn3t> …

[06:24:07p] <@eMalware> ๐Ÿ˜

[06:24:11p] <@TRAiNER4> ๐Ÿ˜

[06:24:22p] <%CoreDuo|HP> what? It’s called beating them, at their own game

[06:24:29p] <%zn3t> …

[06:24:29p] <@TRAiNER4> … man

[06:24:30p] <@eMalware> “beating”

[06:24:32p] <@eMalware> literally.

[06:47:19p] <~J> I’m a woman -_-


[08:55:19p] <@BOD_TP> …

[08:55:24p] <%CoreDuo|HP> …

[08:55:25p] <@eMalware> …

[08:55:26p] <@eMalware> did i just say that?

[08:55:28p] <%Gnomish> Oh man, it hurt to laugh

[08:55:30p] <%CoreDuo|HP> Yes.

[23:34:41] <@eMalware> i’ve also heard macs are popular among transsexuals

[23:35:04] <%CoreDuo|HP> kelsey23 had a mac

<~J> www.google.com/search?q=gay+porn

<~J> ^ click it ๐Ÿ˜€

<%CoreDuo|HP> nah that’s more of your area J

<~J> yeah

<%CoreDuo|HP> …

<~J> i have it bookmarked bitch

[08:26] <%Gnomish> eMalware, that small huh?

[08:26] <@eMalware> no it’s not

[08:26] <@eMalware> …

[08:26] <~CoreDuo|HP> it isn’t really

[08:26] <@eMalware> LIES

[08:26] <~TRAiNER4> …

23:12 <@BOD|Cookiemonster> i am god btw

23:12 <~J> duhh


[03:53:49p] <%TRAiNER4> is hot pockets using cavemen now, like GEICO is?

[03:53:56p] <~Tox> of course

[03:54:02p] <~Tox> cavemen sell shitz

computer13137 (8:18:18 PM): Help me?

computer13137 (8:18:22 PM): I’m not asking for any help.

This is a Renault Espace, probably the best of the people carriers. Not that’s much to shout about. That’s like saying, “Ooh good, I’ve got Syphilis, the best of the sexually transmitted diseases.

<%CoreDuo|HP> you have every single gay club in the world marked on the map

<%CoreDuo|HP> not me

<~J> actually, I dont

<~J> I’m missing the ones in New York

( Gnomish ) So, TRAiNER4, howse the x512dev sex?

( TRAiNER4 ) oh for fuck’s sake

( TRAiNER4 ) not good

[09:32:11p] <@ka0s> holy shit

[09:32:14p] <@ka0s> feel like im gonna throw up

[09:32:48p] <@ka0s> i just went to sit back down in my bed

[09:33:03p] <@ka0s> and i like mis-sat

[09:33:08p] <@ka0s> and i went through the fucking drywall

[09:33:31p] <+TRAiNER4> how… the… fuck?

[11:04:04a] <+Korrosiv> i’m still waiting for some asshole to rear end me

[11:58:01a] <%zn3t|lap> where can i download a virus, trojan, malware, or spyware, or adware?

[11:58:16a] <%TRAiNER4> …

[01:17:41p] <@zn3t|lap> i’m about to cum…….

[01:17:43p] <@Bash> i did for the most part

[01:17:47p] <@Bash> ……………

[01:17:57p] <@paulmer> …

[12:30] <&TRAiNER4> I’m bi

[12:30] <&TRAiNER4> not gay

[12:30] <&TRAiNER4> I’m not J

23:54 <%BOD|Cookiemonster> or,y

23:54 <&PowerPC> yarly

23:55 <%BOD|Cookiemonster> *yar;y

23:55 <&PowerPC> yar,y*

23:55 <%BOD|Cookiemonster> …

23:55 <%BOD|Cookiemonster> ๐Ÿ˜›

23:55 <&PowerPC> lol

23:56 <&PowerPC> you can’t even misspell right

23:56 <&PowerPC> jeez

23:56 <%BOD|Cookiemonster> ๐Ÿ˜

* merty is now known as karategrl

<karategrl> I’m a girl

[22:52:37] ( TRAiNER4 ) I have a penis.

[22:52:39] ( TRAiNER4 ) this is new.

<%merty> <merty> Emo, how long until 11th june

<%merty> <ScreEmo> Only 0 weeks, 0 days, 11 hours, 37 minutes and 43 seconds until 11th june!

<%merty> Until i can suck steve’s cock ๐Ÿ˜€

<%merty> ๐Ÿ˜€

[10:30:58p] <+knifethrower> nothing about 512 is full-sized :p

[10:30:59p] <+x512|MiniMe> ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

[10:41:42p] <@x512dev> I see your hiney, it’s nice and shiney, you better hide it, before I bite it.

<merty> I fuck kangaroos

<knifethrower> x512dev: http://imstars.aufeminin.com/stars/fan/D20060405/1001_695090889_emma_watson_H181444_L.jpg

<x512dev> ohhh fuck

<x512dev> I’ll be back in a few minutes

^ Wonder where he has gone


[18:26:00] <@BOD_TP> school should be renamed as “idiot harvesting”

[22:53:02] <@BOD_TP> lol, argument

[22:53:05] <@BOD_TP> here we go again…

[22:53:48] <@TRAiNER4> let’s throw in some t-shirts while we’re at it

[22:53:53] <~J`> ONOEZ CLOTHING

<x512dev> dats wiggedy wiggedy whack yo

<ToxicBubbles> if you start talking like that

<ToxicBubbles> I will hurt you

<x512dev> don’t be hatin’, mah nigga

* ToxicBubbles has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)

<x512dev> ho got what was comin to her. fo shizzle.

<TRAiNER4> wow you broke tox

[22:30:32] <%x512dev> I will admit to a creampie fetish =/

[22:30:39] <%x512dev> though I’m slowly warming up to facials

[22:30:45] <+BOD_TP> …

[22:31:10] <@eMalware> wtf is a creampie anyway, i forgot

[22:31:13] <@eMalware> or do i want to know?

[22:31:15] <%TRAiNER4> …

[22:31:24] <%x512dev> here, let me demonstrate

[22:47:15] <~J> nooo

[22:47:20] <~J> ive lost my p!atd cd ๐Ÿ™

[22:47:36] <@eMalware> ( J ): you can have mine

[22:47:39] <+TRAiNER4> ..

<x512dev> I’m gonna pop your chary.

<eMalware> that reminds me of a time

<eMalware> me, my sister and my dad were at a resturant

<@ka0s> i just ripped this longass black hair out of the front of my pants

[08:04:53p] <@CoreDuo> i wonder if i got a server in new zealand..

[08:05:14p] <~J`> how much ARE servers in semen?

[08:05:15p] <~J`> ..

[08:05:18p] <@CoreDuo> ..

[08:05:20p] <@CoreDuo> ๐Ÿ˜

[08:05:20p] <~J`> sealand* ๐Ÿ˜

[08:05:21p] <~J`> how the fuck

[08:05:26p] <@CoreDuo> you have issues

[08:05:36p] <~J`> that’s sad that that’s the first place my mind goes…

[08:05:44p] <@CoreDuo> that’s concerning ๐Ÿ˜

[12:48] <CoreDuo> trannys just want to have fun


[12:49] <CoreDuo> but they can’t because they are socially degraded

[12:49] <merty> lmao

[08:26:18p] <+Eman> http://alderaan.r-type.ca/erik/meatspin/spin.gif have fun

[08:26:23p] <+zn3t> k

[08:26:26p] <+zn3t> bbl

[11:54:02p] <+merty|athy> I’ll fucking have gay sex with you eMalware for saying that >_<

[11:54:12p] <@eMalware> …….

[11:54:21p] <%TRAiNER4> ..

[11:54:26p] <@eMalware> go fuck your dog, i’d rather not

[11:54:28p] * +merty takes eMalware into a closet

[11:54:29p] <@eMalware> have a nice day

[11:54:31p] <@eMalware> ^___^

[11:54:53p] * +merty comes out of the closet feeling quite refreshed ^_^

[11:54:59p] <%TRAiNER4> …

[11:55:04p] <@CoreDuo> …

[11:55:06p] <@CoreDuo> ๐Ÿ˜

[11:55:07p] <@eMalware> …

[11:55:08p] <@eMalware> dear god

( Gnomish ) Which means I’ll be playing by myself in 1.01

( Gnomish ) I do enough of that

You know, they passed a law that prohibits minors from connecting to the internet. You’re found to be in violation of that law and operatives are now being sent to your location. Their orders are to do whatever they want to you, and be warned, they haven’t had sex in a long time.

[23:10:56] <merty> goto school

It’s not pollution that killing us; it’s impurities in our air and water.

<+zn3t> i just like both of then, but i’m going for amd cuz its cheaper

<+BOD_TP> then perhaps you should buy a paper saucepan, after all, it’d be cheaper than metal

[11:54:01a] <@ka0s|w0rk> when i was 15 i remember going at it like tweaking rabbits

[01:43:35a] <@paulmer> I havent been eating much

<+CoreBot> [Confession 590602970] jess i love you

<merty> ^ that’s my confession

<+TRAiNER4> …

<merty> my dogs name is jessie ๐Ÿ™

<merty> *sobs*

<+TRAiNER4> why in god’s name would you admit to that

<+CoreDuo> rofl

[12:38:45a] <+knifethrower> http://www.imgplace.net/files/212/KT-FLIP-SSHOT.JPG

[12:39:21a] <@Star> SAFARI

[12:39:23a] <@Star> HES GAY

[12:39:51a] <+knifethrower> naha

[12:40:40a] <%TRAiNER4> the girlfriend is just a cover up! I knew it

[12:41:20a] <+knifethrower> wtf

[12:41:50a] <+knifethrower> do get your hopes (or anything else for that matter) up T4

[12:41:54a] <+knifethrower> FUCK

[12:41:56a] <+knifethrower> DONT

[12:41:59a] <+knifethrower> agh

[12:42:37a] <~ToxicBubbles> ๐Ÿ˜

[12:42:38a] <~ToxicBubbles> owned

[12:42:41a] <%TRAiNER4> owned

“Seriously guys, AIDS is a good disease, once you get past the pain, suffereing, death and such.” –BOD

[21:58:23] * ~J pwns your net, x512dev

[21:59:33] * Quits: ~J (jonathon@ (Connection reset by peer)

<knifethrower> im a sad person

<Tox|lappy> if I quote that, will you be sadder?

[03:15:26p] <+Gnomish> Gee, ka0s is a women

[03:15:28p] <+Gnomish> I have no proof of that

[03:15:28p] <@ka0s|work> i do right here

<Gargoth> i think everything living rotted in about mile radius

<Gargoth> i must keep an eye on our cat, if it starts to act weird…

<P2E> Gargoth: it’s good you don’t have a mac, the white would have turned yellowgreen

<zn3t> bring back the 90’s!

^ Why because you weren’t alive then?

[11:22] <J> revox has been known to take a bluff before *cough* t-shirts

[11:22] <CoreDuo> if i can get myself ssh access i’ll know

[11:22] <x512PB> was that quote from just now BOD ?

[11:23] <x512PB> wait wait wait J….I got pissed over a tshirt that doesnt exist?

[11:23] <J> yup.

[11:23] <J> nobody got them

512 coming to a sad realization: priceless

[04:22:03p] <@paulmer> my dad wants me to do the lawn and not my brother

I swear, the only things I have ever heard you say were about God or kiddies… go become a priest and molest the little children… leave us the fuck alone.

[11:22:21p] <+merty> that reminds me of a dream

[11:22:47p] <+merty> a dream i had was where i was sucking my cock ๐Ÿ˜

[07:19:23p] <&Lopez> Alert: Tornado Watch 482 in effect until 9 PM EDT this evening…

[07:19:35p] <~Tox|lappy> yerp, its there

[07:20:10p] * ~Tox|lappy looks out window

[07:20:17p] <%TRAiNER4> …:|

<%x512dev> http://i17.tinypic.com/6chb04x.jpg

<%x512dev> drool

<%TRAiNER4> ..

<%x512dev> mmm bbs

<@CoreDuo> … ๐Ÿ˜

<x512dev> I’m a fucking douche

[09:51:12p] <~ToxicBubbles> I dunno, I remember when I was little I used to fantasize about getting married to a guy and having a baby…

[09:51:13p] <+knifethrower|Laptop> we all do

[01:27:42a] <%TRAiNER4> Tox|lappy can be my best man

[01:27:43a] <~Tox|lappy> ^.~

[01:27:46a] <~Tox|lappy> err

[01:27:47a] <~Tox|lappy> wtf?

[11:26:55p] <knife|p-m> you’re english sucks

^ irony?

[11:23:58] <~ToxicBubbles> damnit

[11:24:08] <~ToxicBubbles> I need to make my hole biggers

[11:24:35] <+BOD_TP> ๐Ÿ˜

[01:31:11a] <@SuperChill> i like to fuck horses

<merty> but being a girl would be fun for 5secs

<merty> you could run around saying look at me i have boobs

<merty> tee hee

<merty> did i just say that >_> <_<

<merty> cut my lawn cancer boy

<merty> awwww he looks so cute though

<merty> 5 Internet <= Why the fuck is the internet a wonder of the world

<merty> that’s like saying sex is a wonder of relationships

<merty> i hate my fucking split personality

<merty> =\

<ka0s> LOL

<ka0s> WEED

* ka0s orgasms

<zn3t> how did you build that cantenna tox?

<ToxicBubbles> I took a can right

<ToxicBubbles> got a can?

<ToxicBubbles> Ok, take the can

<ToxicBubbles> and put a hole in it

<ToxicBubbles> then

<ToxicBubbles> and this is very important

<ToxicBubbles> Put the USB adapter… in the hole

<ToxicBubbles> It’s complicated, do you need a schematic?

<zn3t> no….

<zn3t> do i need a drill?

<ToxicBubbles> I’m going insane a little more each day

* kman_ changes topic to ’emo alert level 3.14159265 ( emos are starting to cut circles instead of lines ๐Ÿ˜ฎ )’

[12:11:01a] <@x512dev> nah, they got about halfway, then he pulled out and they went flying

[08:49:10p] <@TRAiNER4> BOD’s number for $15

[08:49:17p] <@BOD_TP> ill take it!

[08:49:19p] <@BOD_TP> wait…

[08:49:37p] <@TRAiNER4> . ๐Ÿ˜

* fuhgawz goes emo

* fuhgawz has left #scratchdrive

<&KninjaBot> Error in requested command – check error log for details.

<~Scratch> lmao..

* +merty fails

<@eMalware> we know

[05:08:03] <~J> you ffail

[05:08:04] <~J> fail*

[05:08:05] <+Duff> Indeed :/

[09:03:58p] <@Gnomish> Oooh, I think eMalware hit his first period!

[09:04:03p] <@eMalware> YAY

* @T4|AFK has quit IRC (Ping timeout)

<@BOD_TP> pwnt

* +cooled has quit IRC (Leaving)

<@BOD_TP> pwnt2

* @BOD has quit IRC (Quit: ( www.nnscript.de :: NoNameScript 4.02 :: www.XLhost.de ))

<@BOD_TP> pwnt3

<@BOD_TP> hey wait..

<&CoreDuo> rofl

“Don’t argue with idiots. They drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.”

–A very, very wise man

If I had a dog that was as ugly as you, I’d shave it’s butt and tell it to walk backwards.

<+afro2> lol, a womens boob shape is altered by the way they sleep

<~ToxicBubbles> ๐Ÿ˜

<~ToxicBubbles> gonna make me paranoid about the way I sleep now

<ToxicBubbles> oh god… the internet has warped my fragile little mind

[23:51:27] *J is going to fatfield playpark at 5am with his mate xD

[23:51:31] <BOD_TP> …

[23:51:32] <BOD_TP> dogging?

[23:51:33] <J> ๐Ÿ˜€

<ToxicBubbles> I plan to kick your testicals on sight ๐Ÿ˜›

<knifethrower|Laptop> not like im using them for anything

<ToxicBubbles> ๐Ÿ˜

<BOD_TP> ๐Ÿ˜

<ToxicBubbles> quoted

<knifethrower|Laptop> itll make fapping cleaner

<~ToxicBubbles> Well apparently I suck more than you do knifethrower|Laptop

<@CoreDuo> we know your IQ you don’t need to make it obvious now

<+ZSS9393__> 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000.0

<ToxicBubbles> Remember Kids: It only hurts until you die.

[01:50] <@BOD> you sir are a f00l

[01:50] <+zn3t|lap> yes

<x512dev> pizza pit, it’s not about the slice, it’s about the nice

<x512dev> marching music turns me on

<%eMalware> i have fur

<+zn3t> i r douche

<knifethrower|Laptop> ubuntu makes you feal stupid

[22:50:48] <knifethrower|Laptop> my brother needs to learn to knock

[22:51:29] <BOD_TP> …watching porn were we?

[22:51:37] <JackTheStripper> hahaha

[22:52:40] <knifethrower|Laptop> no comment ๐Ÿ˜

(7:33:32 PM) CoreDuo: hallo

(7:40:46 PM) Bash: haiz

(7:40:52 PM) Bash: lol, I have a job

(7:40:57 PM) CoreDuo: gigglo?

(7:41:06 PM) Bash: nah

(7:41:13 PM) CoreDuo: oh, you quit your day job?

(7:41:38 PM) Bash: that was a volunteer position

(7:41:44 PM) CoreDuo: rofl

(7:41:45 PM) Bash: I’m getting my WRT54G back from that place too

(7:41:50 PM) Bash: ….

(7:41:52 PM) Bash: die

<JackTheSt> damn i wish i was a nigger

(10:09:58 PM) Erik: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/femail/article.html?in_article_id=473376 << you can tell they will be some annoying teenagers


(10:10:18 PM) Erik: at *9* years old

(10:10:19 PM) Jordan: I would pork that

<ToxicBubbles> aussieland has states?

<BOD_TP> yah, a state of fail

<ToxicBubbles> Episode 45: Niggas revenge.

<BOD_TP> the fuck

<BOD_TP> my tv

[09:00:08p] <~ToxicBubbles> I think I have to pee

[09:00:38p] <+zn3t|lap> pee on me ๐Ÿ˜€

[09:00:46p] <+zn3t|lap> wait..NO

[07:35:14p] <@AJtrigger> He jerks off at 256spm

[07:35:17p] <@Chad1m> As do I.

<zn3t|lap> i’ll admit it

<zn3t|lap> i fail

<~ToxicBubbles> This years nominee’s for biggest idiot in the universe are…

<~ToxicBubbles> the smart people don’t need me to continue that joke

<+ZSS9393> dorfd1?

<&Star> oh my god

<&Star> the Wii is getting Horsez 2

<+knifethrower|Laptop> can you use the wiimote as a horse dildo?

<+knifethrower|Laptop> Come here lil pony

* &Lopez has quit IRC (Quit: Session closed by user.)

<+knifethrower|Laptop> good lil pony

<~ToxicBubbles> ๐Ÿ˜

<@CoreDuo> you scared Lopez off


<~CoreDuo> www.meatspin.com

<~Jonathon> bbs

[02:39:43p] <~J> I’m a homosexual ^_^

<@CoreDuo> <~ToxicBubbles> Jason’s got nice firm balls

<@CoreDuo> <~ToxicBubbles> uh…

<~ToxicBubbles> >.>

<~ToxicBubbles> I was quoting teh lolvideo

<~ToxicBubbles> wait… that doesn’t sound much better

<ToxicBubbles> I mean, slut

<Duff> interesting, I got paid today

<ToxicBubbles> rofl

[16:29:08] <CoreDuo|School> i got a SCSI drive for $30 on ebay

[16:30:29] <BOD_TP> so if we convert it to ยฃ

[16:30:38] <BOD_TP> i beleive the conversion forumla for technology here is

[16:31:09] <BOD_TP> $ * exchange rate + VAT * retarded fact that stuff is more expensive factor = our price

<+merty> well i am stupid

[16:21:57] <Tox|lappy> you have no idea how many times

[16:22:02] <Tox|lappy> people around here are like

[16:22:05] <Tox|lappy> “Facebook me!”

[16:22:22] <Tox|lappy> you have no idea how tempted I am

[16:22:29] <Tox|lappy> to hit them in the face with a book

[16:22:39] <Tox|lappy> and be like “there ya go”

<@CoreDuo> arkrpg – kernel roleplaying

<@CoreDuo> wtf?

<@BOD_TP> …

<@BOD_TP> ew

<@CoreDuo> so *that’s* what linus gets off on

<@BOD_TP> oh yeah stdin! more! more!

<@BOD_TP> give me more of that .so

<@BOD_TP> aaah

[10:22] <~ToxicBubbles> I guess that just reminds us that professors are people too

[10:22] <~ToxicBubbles> they brain fart with the best of us

[10:22] <+happydude> quoted :p

<zn3t|lap> who hates me?

<CoreDuo> better question

<CoreDuo> who doesn’t

<&Lopez> Version Lopez, what’s bruce lee’s favoirite drink?

<&Lopez> Var not set.

* +happydude gives Tox the failstar of fail

<happydude> theyre having SEXY TIME

<zn3t> ..

<Lopez> **GuardBot** Error: LoWang

[11:18] <~ToxicBubbles> !fun sing you bastard

[11:18] <&Lopez> [thwack sound] Ahh Mmm mmm mmm mmm, mmm mmm mmm mmm

[11:18] <~ToxicBubbles> O_O

<+happydude> it gets worse by the hour

<@CoreDuo> and you know this how?

<@eMalware> he watches it with him

<@CoreDuo> rofl

<@eMalware> they’re porn buddies

<@CoreDuo> creepy

<+happydude> ๐Ÿ˜

<+happydude> indeed

<+happydude> its all mertys fault

<+happydude> he stole my innocence

<ToxicBubbles> !fun sing about TRAiNER4

<Lopez> I got this burning, sensation when I pee, I’m pretty sure that you’re the one who gave it to me.

<ToxicBubbles> ROFL

<%knifethrower|laptop> ooo

<%knifethrower|laptop> BondageNet

<+CoreDuo> …

* CoreDuo np: Remedy Drive – Rip Open the Skies – King of Failures [03:21m/245Kbps/44KHz] :: [iTunes] ::

<CoreDuo> song about merty

<merty> i have that ๐Ÿ˜€

[01:16:28a] <&Lopez> your mother

[01:16:37a] <+knifethrower|laptop> sucked mah balls last night

[01:16:40a] <+knifethrower|laptop> wait eww

[01:16:42a] <@TRAiNER4> …

[01:16:51a] <@TRAiNER4> that is definitely quoted

<~J> you accept that you liking dogs is fact

<merty> Then it isn’t wrong f00

<merty> it’s correct

[17:42] <@Zbot> I AM A WHORE!!!!11

<@ToxicBubbles> it made me get a hard masive verticle errection

(17:10:22) (+zn3t|lap) !fun sing about ToxicBubbles

(17:10:23) (&Lopez) Mmm mmm mmm mmm, mmm mmm mmm mmm

(17:10:28) (+zn3t|lap) ๐Ÿ˜

[10:21] <~ToxicBubbles> 2.::12Playing2::. “Death Cab For Cutie – Death Cab For Cutie – I’ll Follow You into the Dark(1)” (256kbps – 44kHz – Stereo) 2.::12OmgScript!2::.

[10:21] <~ToxicBubbles> ๐Ÿ˜€

[10:21] <~ToxicBubbles> wait

[10:21] <~ToxicBubbles> :\

[10:22] <@CoreDuo> rofl?

[10:22] <+happydude> too late

[10:22] <~ToxicBubbles> so emo

[11:17] <@TRAiNER4> girl cum is cold, guy cum is hot ๐Ÿ˜›

[11:17] <+happydude> ๐Ÿ˜

[11:17] <+happydude> quoted

<+happydude> hmm my friend keeps having dreams where i die =\

<@CoreDuo> only dreams? damn.

[07:02:21p] <@predicament> eventually I’m going to have my penis spit on one of your faces.

[07:02:28p] <@predicament> it’ll be by random selection.

[07:03:12p] <@predicament> my peepee is a junior me

[07:03:26p] <@predicament> he’s got broad shoulders and he’s tall

[07:03:30p] <@predicament> problem though

[07:03:32p] <@predicament> he is an ASSHOLE

[07:03:34p] <@predicament> he’s bipolar

[07:03:44p] <@predicament> since he’s not able to speak

[07:03:46p] <@predicament> he spits.

[07:03:54p] <@predicament> sometimes, he’ll buy you a drink.

[07:04:06p] <@predicament> sometimes lemonade and sometimes vodka or gin.

[07:04:19p] <@predicament> and every once in awhile.. he’ll make a screwdriver for you.

[07:04:35p] <@Dark-Show> lol wtf

[07:04:49p] <@predicament> when he buys you a drink

[07:04:51p] <@predicament> he’s being nice

[07:04:54p] <@predicament> when he spits on you

[07:05:01p] <@predicament> either he likes you way too much or he hates you

[07:05:05p] <@predicament> or you’re a bitch

[07:05:50p] <@predicament> historically that’s been the case.

[07:06:01p] <@Dark-Show> wtf

[07:07:52p] <@nitr0gen> ………

[07:10:02p] <@predicament> what

[07:10:11p] <@predicament> I can’t talk about my brother?

* +happydude waits for kirk to screw up the upgrade, screw up the db, and find out the backup db’s dont work

(Oabw forums)

[10:07] <+BOD_TP> that f00l t4 needs to return

[10:07] <+BOD_TP> so i can use !calc again

[10:07] <+BOD_TP> opening calculator is hard work

<@zn3t|lap> my name is Zack McFail

[13:43] * zn3t|lap is now known as Kelsey24

[13:43] <+Kelsey24> ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

[13:43] <+merty|vistaids> foad Kelsey24

[13:43] * Kelsey24 is now known as zn3t|lap

[13:43] <+merty|vistaids> i always knew you were a tranny zn3t

[13:43] <+merty|vistaids> i just needed my proof

[13:43] <+merty|vistaids> and now i have it ๐Ÿ™‚

[13:43] <+zn3t|lap> ..

[13:43] <+zn3t|lap> wtf

[13:44] <+zn3t|lap> im a guy

[13:44] <+merty|vistaids> who wants to be a female

* Joins: merty|school (user@host)

* Lopez sets mode: +v merty|school

<ToxicBubbles> merty? school?

<ToxicBubbles> holy shit the world is ending

12:21:13] <Duff> i’ll be fine provided my brother doesn’t open his big fucking trap to my mom

[12:21:31] <BOD_TP> kill it/him

[12:23:08] <Duff> I think he’s too large, I wouldn’t be able to move the corpse

[12:23:17] <BOD_TP> eat it

[12:23:56] <Duff> ..

[12:24:16] <JackTheStripper> bury it

[12:25:13] <JackTheStripper> I can mason you up something to hide the evidence

[12:25:23] <BOD_TP> ๐Ÿ˜

[12:25:24] <JackTheStripper> new brick bbq in the back yard? or a tomb?

[12:25:46] <BOD_TP> perhaps a new garden pond?

[12:26:01] <JackTheStripper> too obvious

[12:26:13] <JackTheStripper> like you’re begging for forgiveness

[12:26:17] <BOD_TP> ๐Ÿ˜

[12:26:59] <JackTheStripper> or you can put his corpse in trash bags

[12:27:07] <JackTheStripper> drop them off at other people’s houses

[12:27:19] <JackTheStripper> it’ll never look like you did iy

[12:28:06] <BOD_TP> nah, do it south park style

[12:28:17] <BOD_TP> make your parents “chilli” for dinner

[12:28:50] <JackTheStripper> too hard

[12:28:54] <Duff> yeah

[12:28:57] <JackTheStripper> alot of blending and picking out bones

[12:28:57] <Duff> something simple

[12:28:58] <JackTheStripper> too messy

<knifethrower|Laptop> shoot as long as its after 10pm and before 6:30am you can rape away

<ToxicBubbles> lol

<ToxicBubbles> quoted

<knifethrower|Laptop> thats when they are asleep

* @TRAiNER4 is an 18 year old major bisexual screw up

[6:08:19p] * @TRAiNER4 fingers Duff’s vagina

[6:08:25p] <+Duff> soon, plz

<Bashew> lol, i swear im going to get into shit XD

<@CoreDuo> get into shit? eew

<Bashew> yes coreduo, I bathe in it

<@ToxicBubbles> .::Playing::. “sexonwheels” (594kbps – 48kHz – Stereo) .::OmgScript!::.

<@ToxicBubbles> @_@

<@ToxicBubbles> where the hell….

<@ToxicBubbles> what the hell….

<~CoreDuo> …

<~CoreDuo> quoted

<@ToxicBubbles> Where the fuck did this video come from?!

[22:41:03] <TRAiNER4> his last day on the island was the 7th

[22:41:09] <TRAiNER4> which means he’s in BWT now

[22:41:15] <J> BWT?

[22:41:34] <BOD_TP> bisexual wanking training

[22:41:37] <TRAiNER4> basic weapons training

[22:41:41] <J> ..

[22:41:48] <J> same things really

[22:41:51] <TRAiNER4> .

[22:41:53] <BOD_TP> ahaha

[22:42:01] <J> pull it back real slowly, then let go.

[22:42:02] <BOD_TP> j would know

[22:42:03] <J> repeat.

[22:42:13] <J> ๐Ÿ˜

[12:23:22] <J> some red light started flashing on my modem

[12:23:39] <J> I’ve never seen that before o_O

[12:24:39] * J (jdkeogh@just-owns.eu) Quit (Connection reset by peer)

<knifethrower|laptop> im a freak

<knifethrower|laptop> and that was only last week

<ToxicBubbles> yeah… that’s getting quoted

<Quill0> raperaperape

<J> Kirk has the body of a God

<J> It’s a shame it’s Budda :/

(20:47:58) (~ToxicBubbles) TRAiNER4

(20:48:07) (~ToxicBubbles) in all due respect, your house sucks balls

(20:49:36) (@TRAiNER4) you suck big hairy balls

(20:49:49) (~ToxicBubbles) only on the third saturday of the month

(20:49:54) (+zn3t|lap) ๐Ÿ˜

<@CoreDuo> you’re stupid ๐Ÿ˜

<@CoreDuo> not you J

<~J> I was about to whack you over the head with my hand bag

<~J> err

<~J> my baseball bat*

<~J> dammit..

<@CoreDuo> …hand bag

merty says:

lol i killed a power supply today

happeh dood says:


merty says:

smoke was coming from it

merty says:


happeh dood says:

and your still alive?

happeh dood says:


<Lopez> TRAiNER4’s massive errect cock makes me so wet

<shadoxx> :O

<shadoxx> me too

[14:59] <~ToxicBubbles> my friend oragsms to sandwiches

<~ToxicBubbles> DELICOUS WIENIES!!

<+shadoxx> ๐Ÿ˜

<+shadoxx> knifethrower is rubbing his penis on his laptop in front of me

<+happydude> …

[15:56] <&Lopez> My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, And they’re like, It’s better than yours, Damn right it’s better than yours, I can teach you, But I have to charge.

Jonny: I like hot ass soup, too. Don’t waste it.

<Sheppard`> Anyone know a good socks wrapper class?

<capisce> shoes

* Bashew has joined #euphoria

<Bashew> …go Gnome

<Bashew> i now have no panels ๐Ÿ˜

<Bashew> i’m running everything from a damn terminal

<Bashew> haha

<CoreDuo_> and bashew fucking up his machine is just hilarious

<CoreDuo_> ๐Ÿ˜€

<Bashew> haha

<Bashew> >_>

<Bashew> its been worse

<Bashew> idea

<Bashew> i’ll just delete .Gnome

<Bashew> >_>

<CoreDuo_> rm -Rf / works just as well

<Bashew> thats plan 2

<Bashew> brb

* Bashew has quit (Remote host closed the connection)

<CoreDuo_> …

Mmmm Chicken

[15:47] happydude: PISS OFF

[15:47] happydude: I’M TRYING TO SLEEP

[15:47] happydude: ๐Ÿ˜›

[15:47] ToxicBubbles: PISS ON

[15:48] ToxicBubbles: I’M TRYING TO WAKE UP

[08:25] <+merty> !kirk

[08:25] <+merty> You need a kirk alert ToxicBubbles

[08:25] <~ToxicBubbles> why…

[08:26] <+happydude> So you don’t get crushed

[08:26] <+merty> rofl

[08:26] <Kirk> lol

[08:27] <happydude> No, this is not where you lol Kirk

[08:27] <happydude> This is where you start crying like a little girl and run off

[08:42] <TRAiNER4> bbl

[08:42] <TRAiNER4> porn

<knifethrower|Laptop> guy on the school network with an open warez share thinks hes getting a terrabyte drive for jesus-mas

<knifethrower|Laptop> if he does thatll be win

<knifethrower|Laptop> a massive place to dump shit

<CoreDuo> the toilet works for that too

(20:20:18) (+knifethrower|Laptop) Girls Gone Wild – Coed Tryouts 2.avi

(20:20:48) (@TRAiNER4) Guys Gone Wildd ftw

(20:20:55) (+zn3t|lap) ..

[23:30] Jordan: so you DECIDED your gonna grow some nads?

[23:30] Erik: ……..

[23:30] Erik: >_<

[23:30] Erik: oh shit

[23:30] Erik: problem…..

[23:30] Erik: i keep growing them and they keep falling off

[23:30] Erik: its like a fucking apple tree down there

[23:39] Zimmy2: this freaks me out

[23:39] Zimmy2: http://www.canalok.net:82/index.pl/010110A/687474702s7777772r7n696q6q792r63612s77702q6p6s67696r2r7068703s72656469726563745s746s3q25324677702q61646q696r253246

[23:39] Zimmy2: look at the back to .::[Zimmy.ca]::.

[23:40] Kirk: Dude

[23:40] Kirk: It’s a proxy.

[23:40] Zimmy2: oh

[23:40] Zimmy2: makes sense

[23:40] Kirk: LOL!

[23:40] Zimmy2: i thought someone was phishing my login page

[23:40] Kirk: O_O

<~Matt> he better not be killing himself

<~Matt> or i’ll kill him

(07:07:31 PM) predicament: my dad is so tight

[22:55:18] <J> lol I had sex with a door

“i’m sorry class, we can’t teach you about how life was like during world war 2 because we don’t want to give you any ideas”

[12:00] * @TRAiNER4 is depressed

[12:01] <~ToxicBubbles> oh go cut yourself in the corner emo kid

[12:01] <@TRAiNER4> go suck my dick

[12:01] <~ToxicBubbles> when where and how hard?

Guy one: It’s rediculous, children in holland at age 12 can already speak fluent english.

Guy 2: That’s not that amazing sir, my neice is 10 and can already speak fluent english

Guy 1: Your head is just something to keep your hat on isn’t it?

<Uchuujin> i can sit infront of meatspin for 4 hours if i had to

[09:37] <x512dev> I went on a job interview on friday for an admin assistant job, it was for a video game company downtown….so I go in, nice dress pants, button-down shirt, hair done…I get there, the suite is a bunch of dudes on computers in this dark room, then I go into the office with the dude who’s interviewing me…he’s in jeans and a Hard Rock t-shirt, his office has 2 computers, an xbox 360 and a TV, a Final Fantasy poster and a shelf full of manga/ani

[09:37] <x512dev> “I could fit in here well.”

A man forgets but never forgives.

A woman forgives but never forgets.

-A very wise man.

[10:20] <~BOD_TP> lolwtf

[10:20] <~BOD_TP> the ram in this is made by hyundai ๐Ÿ˜

[10:20] <happydude> nice

[10:20] <happydude> i has even moar generic ram

[10:20] <~CoreDuo> my sempron is the king of generic RAM

[10:21] <~CoreDuo> one the make doesn’t even show up

[10:21] <~CoreDuo> the one in this is by adata

[10:21] <happydude> who?

[10:21] <~BOD_TP> exactly

[10:21] <~CoreDuo> lool

(17:32:48) (~BOD_TP) i have too much money

(17:32:56) (~BOD_TP) im ordering the stickers for the front of my laptop

(17:32:57) (~BOD_TP) loles

(17:35:14) (&J) i just paid my sister ยฃ15 to get rid of a spider ._.

(17:35:27) (~CoreDuo) dot

(17:35:28) (zn3t) O_O

(17:35:36) (Zimmy) …

(17:35:57) (&J) it was *huge*

(17:35:59) (~BOD_TP) and i thought i was wasting money

(17:36:06) (~BOD_TP) you really arent a guy are you?

(17:36:17) (&J) …

(17:36:29) (~BOD_TP) just splash the thing

(17:36:30) (~BOD_TP) f00

(17:36:39) (&J) it was insane

(17:36:45) (&J) it was going round and round my lampshade

(17:36:52) (&J) constantly

(17:36:53) (~CoreDuo) lol retard spider

[18:36] WildEye: orgy

[18:36] zn3t50: :O

[18:36] zn3t50: wait

[18:36] zn3t50: how the *FUCK* do you know what that is?

[18:36] WildEye: noez

[18:36] *** “WildEye” signed off at Thu Jan 17 18:36:52 2008.

[17:10] <@Ka0z> so ive got to say, i love asian hair… its always silky and smooth and straight, never tangled.. i can rn my hands through it so nicely.. but i just noticed how much has collected between my bed and the wall.. its disgusting as hell.. its like asians shed all the time or something

Happy Dude fighting with someone on a ‘Sattellite TV on your PC’ site

Isabella Says:Hey Wait! We would hate to see you go without seeing what’s made us the Number #1 Rated software for Watching Live Satellite TV On Your PC. So just this once I can offer you a $30 Discount. To take advantage of this last minute saving CLICK HERE

You:hell no, this is shit

Isabella Says:Ok that was rude so I am going to go now. If you change your mind CLICK HERE


You:wth is this shit!?

Isabella Says:Why are you saying that im only trying to offer you a Discount. Do you want to accept it or not?

You:how can you say this is sattelite tv

You:its just video streaming

Isabella Says:This additional $30 Discount is only available through this chat for a limited time. CLICK HERE to take advantage of our lowest price ever!

You:get a real job

Isabella has disconnected

Duh, people love profiles that look like blind retarded children made them.

[09:48] * TRAiNER4 is AFK, Entertaining some Hookers

[09:48] <~BOD_TP> t4 wishes

[23:56:56] <BOD_TP> [23:55:38] <ToxicBubbles> HMM POINTY << merty?

[23:57:02] <ToxicBubbles> sure

[23:57:04] <ToxicBubbles> why not

[23:57:09] <BOD_TP> ๐Ÿ˜

[23:57:12] <BOD_TP> youre merty

[23:57:16] <ToxicBubbles> some dance to forget

[23:57:22] <BOD_TP> and youre liking teh dogs?

[23:57:23] <ToxicBubbles> PLEASE ME WIN

[22:05:47] <&BOD_TP> simple really

[22:05:52] <&BOD_TP> get knife

[22:05:56] <&BOD_TP> place in skull

[22:05:57] <&BOD_TP> done

[22:06:07] <&BOD_TP> dieing ™, the easier and more fun way of writing asm

[20:54] Bash|xchat: we\’re talking about porn

[20:54] BashBot001: I\’ve been waiting for you.

[20:54] Bash|xchat: …O_O

Dude: That’s the word I’m looking for! “in general” YES!

Me: That’s two words.

This singular devious ance priced out at $30,895 including destination.

If you can flaming without the built-in helmsmanship methodology or you don\’t necessary the added grunt of the six-cylinder mechanism,

vade-mecum transference four-cylinder models can be had for as low as $20,360. As eated as the tandem join up in Marysville

can solve out their door alignment distribution, and I mistrust they already would rather, this is an renowned and in style

descent-sized sedan with the pre-eminent seats in the business.

Now egg up and offer on that diesel for here so we can get some grim mileage, too.

<Gnomish> Men could reduce their risk of developing prostate cancer through regular masturbation, researchers suggest.

<Gnomish> Excuse me while I go fight some cancer

<@CoreDuo> dare i ask what /y/ is

<&Erik> gay anime porn

<@CoreDuo> so 512dev\’s shrine

<&Erik> probably

<&Erik> $10 says trainer4 goes to /men/

<+Hrimfaxi> oh god

[00:05:26] <~J> sec

[00:05:44] <r1ot3r> that sec passed several secs ago

[00:05:56] <~J> lool

[14:14] <+happydude_> oh wow

[14:14] <+happydude_> my cd-r\’s are coloured

[14:14] <+happydude_> this will provide hours of fun

[21:01:39] <eMalware> i\’d take anything except dial-up

[21:01:43] <eMalware> or satellite

[21:01:51] <BOD_TP> would you take tiscali? ๐Ÿ˜€

[21:01:59] <eMalware> probably not

[21:02:06] <BOD_TP> only 6664543543ms ping, and a MASSIVE 23kb/sec max download?

[21:02:14] <eMalware> that\’s such a good deal

[21:02:15] <eMalware> hot damn

[21:02:31] <BOD_TP> not to mention not being able to keep a connection for 4 seconds/

[21:02:36] * BOD_TP (bod@RTN-534706E4.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com) Quit (Quit:)

<&BOD_TP> ive lost the ability to spell teh

<&BOD_TP> ๐Ÿ˜

<+merty> wait

<+merty> theres a civilized way of doing things in nix now?

<+Eman|Asus> ya, install windows

<@CoreDuo> haha

[Gnomish] Hi, my name is Butt Stuffington. I was looking for your underaged child to fill with my sweet, sweet man love juice.

Joel Roberts says (21:18):

do you like pdf files?#

Matt… PC for sale, ENQUIRE WITHIN because I wanna rid it damnit says (21:18):

hit and miss

like pdf, hate adobe reader

Joel Roberts says (21:18):

you ;ike pedofiles but not adobe reader :-O

Matt… PC for sale, ENQUIRE WITHIN because I wanna rid it damnit says (21:19):


Joel Roberts says (21:19):

pdf file=pedofile

[18:54] KernelPanic: I want to reopen Abandonware World as World of Computing ๐Ÿ˜›

[18:54] KernelPanic: Expands beyond ABW nerds

[18:54] KernelPanic: ๐Ÿ˜›

[18:54] KernelPanic: or make something like ToastyTech

[18:55] Kirk: God in heaven help us.

[Kor] well more like i was trying to do some off roading in a honda

[Kor] and smashed into a fucking huge tree

[23:23:31] <CoreDuo> i can’t ban myself

[23:23:35] <CoreDuo> exempt = win

[23:23:47] * CoreDuo (coreduo@coreduo.me.uk) Quit (User has been permanently banned from OSP-IRC (lol))

[11:37] <&BOD_TP> Now Playing: Amateur Teen College Girls Webcam – Strip, Masterbate, Suck \’n Fuck – Underground Video ( – )

[11:37] <&BOD_TP> …

[11:37] <&BOD_TP> looool

[00:37:29] <WildEye|mature> I wonder what would happen if someone was dumb enough to install MS-DOS 5 on a Intel Xenon\\

[00:37:49] <BOD_TP> xenon eh

[00:37:53] <BOD_TP> intel make gas now?

[00:37:58] <WildEye|mature> no

[00:38:01] <WildEye|mature> its a processor ๐Ÿ˜›

[00:38:05] <BOD_TP> no that would be xeon

[00:38:06] <BOD_TP> ๐Ÿ™‚

<happydude> oh we watched a movie today with hitler

<merty|lenovo> happydude: Boo Hoo

<merty|lenovo> We had to do a whole topic on ww2

<merty|lenovo> and watch 2 Hitler Movies

<merty|lenovo> then write an essay justifying why hitler was a good leader

<happydude> actually it was in religion

<happydude> ;\\

<merty|lenovo> which was incredibly easy

<merty|lenovo> ๐Ÿ˜€

<Erik> <+merty|lenovo> then write an essay justifying why hitler was a good leader

<Erik> i had to do that

<Erik> i ended up being sent to the councellors office

<merty|lenovo> haha

<happydude> ๐Ÿ˜

<Erik> they didnt like when i told the one jew in the class to get in the oven

<Erik> >:D

[17:15:38] <J> wireless is god

[17:15:44] <J> its the most ingenious invention ever

[17:22:03] * J (jonathon.k@A7C7068C.2FCD94E7.4DE1A8FF.IP) Quit (Ping timeout)

<ToxicBubbles> phss, as a child, I saw worse things in my uncles bedroom

<ToxicBubbles> errr

<ToxicBubbles> he had this little statue thing

<ToxicBubbles> some dude wearing a barrel

<ToxicBubbles> the barrel lifted up

<ToxicBubbles> and uh… yeah

<ToxicBubbles> big ass penis pops up

<ToxicBubbles> check it out

<ToxicBubbles> I got an email from jesus

<ToxicBubbles> he wants me to have a bigger penis


<&J> oh I\’m killing myself at 40

<&J> I dont want to be an old man :/

<Duff> emo.

<Duff> *hypocricy god strikes me down*

[01:19:55] <ToxicBubbles> there\’s no contract

[01:20:03] <ToxicBubbles> I pay, I get internet, I don\’t pay, i don\’t…

[01:20:15] <ToxicBubbles> I paid… SO GIMMIE INTEFRNET!@ >_<

[01:20:26] <~CoreDuo> intefrnet

[01:20:27] <~CoreDuo> lol

[01:21:57] <ToxicBubbles> that\’s right, it\’s intefrnet… the inferior internet

<merty> I can\’t be arsed changing stuff with my computers until i have surgery

<Tox|TP> o.O

<Tox|TP> are you having your pointy thing removed?

<happydude> Tox: hes having it reattached

<happydude> the dog chewed it off

<Tox|TP> ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

<~CoreDuo> rofl

[20:24:59] <TRAiNER4> HOMOSEXUAL

[20:25:06] <&BOD_TP> nou

[20:25:13] <TRAiNER4> I ain\’t denying it

[20:25:22] <&BOD_TP> lolz

[09:12:07p] <%ToxicBubbles> FUUUUUUUCK!

[09:12:09p] * TRAiNER4 fucks

[09:12:13p] <%ToxicBubbles> OH YEAH!


[23:09:31] <ToxicBubbles> FUCKING MY EYE HURTS

[23:09:36] <BOD_TP> .

[23:09:36] <ToxicBubbles> wait…

[23:09:37] <BOD_TP> ew

<%ToxicBubbles> oh shit

<%ToxicBubbles> it\’s like

<%ToxicBubbles> it\’s like putting a back massager on your dick

<%ToxicBubbles> my insides are quivering

<~CoreDuo|Phenom> …

[12:58:11] <@Ka0s`> woah im fucked up

[12:58:20] <@CoreDuo> Ka0s`, this is new?

[12:58:41] <@Ka0s`> a new level of hugh

[12:58:46] <@Ka0s`> indeed

[12:58:53] <@CoreDuo> so hugh that you can\’t spell high right

[12:58:54] <@CoreDuo> ๐Ÿ˜›

[05:12:04] <~CoreDuo> MOMMY HE STOLE MY TOY

[05:12:12] <~CoreDuo> I WANT IT BACK

[05:12:14] <~CoreDuo> *cry*

[21:22:26] <Erik> i found “ubuntu” wine at the store yesterday

[21:22:37] <Erik> it had a nigger on the bottle

[21:22:48] <CoreDuo> lol

[21:23:36] <BOD_TP> was it easier to open than normal wine, yet just as bad tasting?

<TRAiNER4> 64 bit runs more efficient than 32 bit

<@Erik> and you’d be more efficient at creating children if you fucked women

[21:47:57] <J> lol i dont want office ? ;p

[21:48:01] <J> my COCK OWNS URS

[21:48:02] <J> .

[21:48:03] <J> dock*

<Rioter> hence the fail

<Rioter> i am

* &J is looking for holiday destinations

<}W{> come to amerika ๐Ÿ˜€

<&J> drinking laws fail there

<}W{> what do you expect from a supposed \”christian\” country

<&J> bollocks.

<}W{> lol

<Rioter> scotland?

<&J> LOL

<&J> oh shit you werent joking

<Rioter> lol

<Rioter> I was joking really

<Rioter> unless you are serious

<&J> fuck am i going to scotland

<Rioter> lol have I mindfucked J?

<knifethrower> oooh kinky

<&J> ๐Ÿ˜

<Rioter> merty do what I am doing at the moment

<Rioter> go to school

<Rioter> D:

<merty> nou

<merty> oh wait

Statistically, 6 out of 7 dwarfs aren’t happy.

<stitch> SELECT * FROM phpbb_users WHERE clue > 0;

<BOD_TP2> empty rowset

* TRAiNER4 pictures Rioter in a revealing french maid uniform cleaning Koff\’s apartment

* TRAiNER4 shudders

<Shuddertrix> i just threw a quarter at my tv

<BOD_TP> not quite what its meant by pay per view

<CoreDuo_> J: how to get over a fence – observe fence -> blueprint fence -> find weak spot in fence -> black magic happens

<CoreDuo_> Erik: how to get over a fence – grab wire cutters

ID Cards – “Well these are interesting, the inventors of ID cards say you already have to carry lots of ID, you need it for your identity in order to establish your entitlement into certain leisure centres, claim benefits, establish your entitlement to go into certain buildings. This new card will establish your entitlement to go *outside*. People say they’re a good idea because we had them in WWII. But in WWII it was just a bit of cardboard, that said ‘This is Mr Wilkins, he is not a German spy’. This will be this digitized magnetized thing that says’Mr Wilkins has a genetic heart defect, his sister’s against GM crops and he took a video back late to BlockBuster in 1997′.”