Old Site Updates (March-June 2005)

23:01:00 Monday, 14th Mar 2005

Finally! I have finished v2 of my site, this time with full MySQL implmentation (I knew I installed that for a reason) and proper PHP code, not just HTML with bits in. It took like 6 hours non-stop but its here, let me know if something is broke.

23:15:00 Monday, 14th Mar 2005

Oh yeh, and now my site is W3C compliant, click the pics at the bottom if you want more info

13:50:00 Tuesday, 15th Mar 2005

I finally worked out how to get the updates to display in the order I enter them 😀
phpMyAdmin is the shit btw

19:38:00 Tuesday, 15th Mar 2005

Duuuude, now the links database is working 😀

23:01:00 Friday, 25th Mar 2005

GRR!! After ages of sorting and swearing I finally managed to get my server working

19:22:00 Sunday, 27th Mar 2005

I finally got everything sorted out, I have the FreeBSD install down to about 252MB without data :D, damn that’s small

1:12:00 Monday, 28th Mar 2005

Right, I think I’ve got everything sorted out, I’ve trimmed the code to as clean as I get it, if you have any ideas on how to make it better, let me know. I think that brings the site to version 2.1
P.S. Smilies now, not text

2:52:00 Monday, 28th Mar 2005

I just added bbclone; a web page counter, I used to have this ages ago but it stopped working due to the shitness of Linux, now it works. I’ll work on its CSS soon, but now im tired 😛

13:09:00 Friday, 1st Apr 2005

I finally fixed libpng so now I can generate inages with php
P.S. Upgraded to php 4.3.11

22:10:00 Wednesday, 6th Apr 2005

Woa, making a custom kernel for FreeBSD was easier than I though, anyways the entire thing is now custom compiled for this machine, btw, my 36 line kernel config file 0wnz u!!!!!111

16:13:00 Thursday, 7th Apr 2005

I got rid of bbclone beacuse it didn’t work after the server reconfiguration and it slowed the page generation down, I might bring it back when I have some php optmisation working

14:55:00 Tuesday, 12th Apr 2005

Biiiig changes on the way, I am soon to receive one of these with 2x PII 233Mhz and 512MB ram which when i get paid will probably increase to 2x PII 400 or something.

22:22:00 Sunday, 17th Apr 2005

FINALLY!!! I’m done, The whole server is finished, all I need now is some more money for some more memory and faster CPUs

22:49:00 Sunday, 1st May 2005

Be prepared, I’m redesigining the site, you probbaly wont’t see much of a change but the server will, the PHP code is currently a mess

19:24:00 Thursday, 5th May 2005

I’ve just about finished installing FreeBSD 5.4-STABLE

22:04:00 Monday, 9th May 2005

I’m woking a new-ish version of the site, changing the database and CSS etc….

0:40:00 Wednesday, 18th May 2005

Nearly finished v3 of my site 😀 , just a few things to be sorted out, but I’m largely done.

23:31:00 Tuesday, 24th May 2005

After some hacking of phpSysInfo’s CSS I have decided that it looks fugly, hence, I will change it soon…..probably

12:43:00 Thursday, 26th May 2005

I updated the logo, but if you’re using IE, (which you should be shot for anyways) it’s broken, because IE doesn’t do transprancey 😛

1:32:00 Friday, 27th May 2005

I’m *really* ill and I’ve just finished hacking up phpSysInfo should work, Just need to change the CSS and the logo, any problems, click the contact link
P.S. I can’t sleep, I’ve spent most of the last 3 days doing it 😐

11:16:00 Saturday, 4th Jun 2005

*finally* My computer can now play games 😀
P.S. Check My computers page for more info

1:23:00 Tuesday, 7th Jun 2005

Wow….Just wow…., Linux has now defined a new level of bloat 😐 Debian Linux Is now 14 CDs…*yay* LOL I rest my case about the bloated-ness of Linux…

6:10:00 Tuesday, 7th Jun 2005

*yawn* I can’t sleep so heck, I updated the system infomation script’s CSS