Old Updates (2006-2008)

Added updates page

20:35:00 Thursday, 2nd Mar 2006

I decided that I should add updates to the site to a different page, to save adding them to the main page.
I wanna get a sorta blog thing going here, without being tottally reatrded, as demonstrated here:

Added/changed some stuffs

23:52:00 Friday, 3rd Mar 2006

I’ve added some titles to pages, and messed with some php code, more to come tommorow.

Fixed the pics page

20:39:00 Wednesday, 15th Mar 2006

I fixed the pics page so it validates

New Server

1:25:00 Saturday, 18th Mar 2006

I’m in the process of building/configuring a new server, it may be put into service in the next week, then again, it might not 😛

Teh server….

19:10:00 Sunday, 2nd Apr 2006

The server seems to be delayed due to my laziness 😐

New Rant

0:00:00 Friday, 7th Apr 2006

I added another rant. Another one coming soon.

Tidied up and new pics.

12:51:00 Saturday, 22nd Apr 2006

I’ve tidied up some details on the my computers page, and added new pictures of my new work area.

Scrap the new server idea

11:32:00 Tuesday, 25th Apr 2006

I decided I’d rather sell it than use it.

Random Quote System

1:38:00 Monday, 1st May 2006

I’ve just written a random quote generator for the site, I’ll make it live in the morning, when I can actually enter some quotes into the DB. I’ll also write some kind of form, so you kiddies can send your own quotes.

New Rant

15:28:00 Monday, 8th May 2006

Read the title.

Yes I know.

0:06:00 Wednesday, 10th May 2006

Yes I know the page is broken. I’ll fix it sometime


22:33:00 Thursday, 11th May 2006

Did some software upgrades on the server.

Quote form

23:43:00 Sunday, 28th May 2006

I got around to making a quote entry form.


0:59:00 Saturday, 24th Jun 2006

Fixed some site bugs.

By (un)popular demand…

23:26:00 Saturday, 8th Jul 2006

…I’ve created a list of quotes page.

Software Updates

15:04:00 Monday, 31st Jul 2006

I updated some software on the server, nameley MySQL to 4.1.21 and Apache to 1.3.37 (I couldn’t resist LOL)

Quote cleaning

14:07:00 Monday, 16th Oct 2006

I’m cleaning out most of the crap from the quote DB, as most of it is complete shit.

A few changes…

21:53:00 Sunday, 26th Nov 2006

I updated a few of the images for my computers, and the descriptions. I’ve also got some new shit nearly ready to go on here too 🙂

Quotes link thingy

19:00:00 Monday, 11th Dec 2006

I’ve added a quote link thingy, so you can view each quote induvidually.

A few things…

18:06:00 Tuesday, 19th Dec 2006

Added a new rant, and made a few small changes to the code.

I got bored…

0:03:00 Sunday, 28th Jan 2007

…so I changed my freebsd banner.

Made some changes…

1:33:00 Monday, 5th Feb 2007

I’ve added a post lengh limiter, to tidy up the home and archive pages, and I’ve made some tiny changes to the SQL queries to speed things up a bit.

Ooh, and I’ve finally added some much needed shit to my admin panel, so I can now moderate quotes and add updates from there.

FreeBSD Upgrade…

23:14:00 Sunday, 18th Feb 2007

Updated FreeBSD to 6.2…finally.

Lots of Updates

0:05:00 Friday, 18th Jan 2008

Finalyl got the site back online.
Updated to FreeBSD 6.3 (well the prerelase)
Php 5
Apache 2.2

And some other stuff.

Sotware Changes

23:01:00 Wednesday, 20th Feb 2008

Apache 1.3.41