After Billions of Years…

I have finally fixed a problem which has plagued me for generations. Or something.

For too long now, anything sent from my mail server has been marked as spam, at least anything on a dynamic IP. This was never an issue for sending e-mail ¬†at home as my IP is fairly static (at least I’ve had it for at least 2 years) and isn’t in a blacklist. Sending e-mail from my phone however, has been an issue. But after finally getting so annoyed with this I actually bothered to do some thorough research, I have found a patch in the FreeBSD ports that allows spamassassin to basically ignore anything that gets sent from an authenticated SMTP connection.

In other words, shit I sent is never marked as spam, as I’m using an authenticated SMTP session.




Anyways, using WITH=”ADDAUTH_PATCH” when comping the spamass-milter port enables this patch.

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