Things have never been so… Bad? (2)

In reference to an older rant of mine,  I found this article on the New Statesman website, which pretty much summarises my entire rant.


I find this part rather truthful:

We live in a society where asking people over 65 to wait a couple of years to receive their free money from the state is a major political issue, but a party can casually talk about stripping welfare from under 25s as though they’re somehow children – after all, you’d never see one on Question Time. Housing policy, including measures supposedly aimed at first time buyers, is almost entirely geared towards preserving or increasing the price of homes, pricing first time buyers out of the market and forcing them to pay exorbitant rents, effectively buying rich people’s houses for them.

Young people are regularly portrayed in the media as lazy, useless, selfish, unmotivated, unhealthy and degenerate, even as a recession caused by their parents’ generation means a million remain unable to find work. And if they dare to complain about unemployment they’re told by those in power that they should work for free and be grateful for the damned opportunity, as if more education or an internship is going to put food on the table.

Seems it wasn’t just me that held this opinion.