Krank up da bass, blud

Recently, after killing some headphones, I was shopping for some more on Amazon. And something rather concerning started to become apparent. Looking through the specs and reviews for most headphone, everyone seemed only concerned about one thing about them. Bass. Now don’t get me wrong, bass is important, but then again so is treble. And mid-range.

This REALLY annoys me. The human hearing range is approximately  20Hz  – 22KHz. So why the fuck are all these idiots only concerned about DA BASS. Which IIRC is usually agreed at everything below 200Hz. So why not only cater to 10% of the human hearing range.

So I’ve decided we need a new development in speaker/headphone technology for these mindless idiots.  The 0.1 Surround sound system. We find a shitty quality system, dump all speakers aside from the sub-woofer. Then we over power it with a shitty cheap amp, and wire it into a £5 speaker dock, and sell it to the kids. From what most modern music is nowadays (starting to sound like 124 instead of 24 here :|), nothing aside from the bass is needed.

Infact, why not just sell these kids explosive charges they can put in their ears; after all, sound is just a pressure wave, just like an explosion. If we sell high enough amounts of these things hopefully it’ll either knock some sense into them or something.

Then for the rest of the world, who have ears that can hear things above 200Hz, we actually can sell decent shit, instead of the overpriced, overhyped, oversold shitty headphones/speakers that have flooded the market in recent years.


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  1. What is this treble of which you speak?

    Seriously though, am I crazy or does it seem like back in the day (oh lets say 1940’s or so) there was more of an emphasis on treble / mid-range? Then once you got into around the 1970s, there was more emphasis on a full range system. I think this carried on into the 80s and possibly the 90s… then at some point in late 90’s / 2000’s we began this “ZOMG BASS!!! wubwubwub” crap.

    You can tell certain songs were written to be played back on a car audio system with $1,000 in sub woofers and their amps alone… and maybe some afterthought of a “oh yeah, the kit comes with other speakers as well”

    Anyways, I’m ok with lots of bass, but what really bugs me is the lack of a proper mid-range. A lot of speaker systems I’ve seen have nice treble, lot’s of bass of course… but like, nothing for the mid-range… So your music has either too much bass or too much treble. It either sounds muffled or tiny… no middle ground.

  2. I like bass.

    But I don’t like too much bass.

    Which is what’s stupid. I’ve bought so many cheap headphones that either had total emphasis on bass (cheap) or total emphasis on treble (cheaper).

    Midrange is a lot concept, which, I guess I can understand, seeing that rock guitarists have been cutting their mids for YEARS now, since the 70’s at least. Still, a lot of vocals/drums are in the midrange, and that’s just with rock music.

    When it comes to electronic music, there’s a lot, and I mean a fucking lot, of emphasis on midrange. GOOD dubstep focuses everywhere as well, to truly listen, you can’t just listen through some giant subwoofer. The subwoofer lets you get that “wubwubwub” heart pounding bass through, but a good 90% of the song is still in the midrange. Hell, Rusko’s music mostly focuses on the midrange. So you still need a truly good speaker system t enjoy it. (And Rusko’s not even considered “good” dubstep, a lot of people call his style brostep, but in reality Skrillex and all of those guys just took his style and bastardized it)

    So yeah, while there will always be dumbasses who just buy into the next big fad, there will always be us who simply enjoy music, and know the difference between a quality speaker and a subwoofer. 😛

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