We have only ourselves to blame.

Unfortunately, there are some areas of this country, which are rotten to the core with hatred of authority, and jealousy of the “rich”, where people have been given everything for free, not needing to work for it.; being allowed to get away with nothing short of murder, with no consequence. With soft jail terms, suspended sentences, useless other “punishments”.  To add to this, we bought in draconian “laws”, to stop “terrorism”. Stupid stop and search powers that did nothing but create a culture of hatred towards the police, towards the government. Sure in the good times this was half acceptable, sure the powers against “terrorism” were acceptable the minute you mentioned Afghanistan etc. But this has done nothing in the long run but create this hatred, this jealousy towards authority.

Now that the money doesn’t exist, these benefits have been withdrawn somewhat. Now these idiots who have played the system for ages have to work for these things. Only they don’t want too work for it, so they’re going around taking it away from others who have worked for their possessions. The people who have been somewhat screwed over by the system, who went from having everything with no effort involved, suddenly have to work for their lives. They don’t know how, they’ve never known how, we have entire parts of the country where there are several generations of families who have never worked, who almost regarded their benefits as “wages”, who saw it was their right to take as much as they could from the country.

Now that the money is no longer there to provide so much for free, the easy life is over. The days of being able to not have a job and get away with it are over. Only without investment in this country, the governments over taxing of companies, draconian laws over surveillance, and massive amounts of red tape. Companies aren’t investing in this country anymore; they’re going overseas to cheaper labour rates, cheaper tax and easier planning laws.

Only these riots have now made this situation worse. What company in their right mind is going to invest in a country where the population have such lack of respect for each other, for their government, for their own communities? Why the fuck would anyone want to create jobs in a place where people have such a jaded view on what is their “right”

The large portions of this country who feel such resentment in this country, see their benefits taken away from them, see the cuts to large amounts of their communities, they feel anger. This half of where all of these riots have come from, the other half is the soft justice system we have created; the politically correct, soft justice system where the only people who seem to get any form of punishment are speeding drivers.

We have created an entire generation of people who not only have nothing to lose anymore, but also have no fear of receiving justice, so why not fight back? Why not start these large amounts of disturbances and riots. This was only inevitable. Large portions of the population are half angry of the end of their cushy lifestyle, and the fact that they will be able to get away with it.

We have created such a large gulf between rich and poor that all of these aforementioned people see what others have, see what the “rich” have, and they don’t understand why they don’t have this. They have an insane hated of these people who have worked for their possessions, because they almost lack the insight to realise that this was the right way to live life in our society, not to expect so much for nothing.

This was only inevitable. We should never have given away so much for no effort, we should never have been so soft on idiots who rebel against society for no reason, out of either stupidity or misunderstanding. We bought this upon ourselves. This is what political correctness and soft justice does. I don’t know whether to feel sorry for these people, or disgusted.


“Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country”