A Quick Rant on DVDs.

So the other day I’m watching a DVD boxset of a TV series, and there’s one thing that fucking bugs me about these things.

Why is it, when I’m watching the boxset from start to finish, I have to watch the fucking opening theme and end credits to each episode, after watching even one disk I’ve seen it like 6 or 7 times

There should at least be an option to turn this shit off. Then again, I could go on for years about the bullshit surrounding blu-rays/DVDs.


3 replies on “A Quick Rant on DVDs.”

  1. It depends on the boxset. Some of them actually do offer the option to not play the opening theme / end credits. Some also have the opening theme and end credits as their own chapter so you can easily skip them.

  2. I do have some with the credits as their own chapter, Simpsons DVDs come to mind, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen the option to not play the credits at all 😐

  3. I don’t remember what series it was, but I know that I’ve seen it. It plays back-to-back with no opening title sequence. I think it still had the end credits though.

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