Ghetto negative/slide scanning method

So after rummaging around at my Grans house looking for pictures one boring afternoon, I found an envelope of old negatives. Really old. After some ¬†discussion me and my dad estimated about 1963. Anyways, I thought I’d take them home and try and scan them to see if I could make anything of them. After my first attempts at scanning them, most of them turned out…badly. This was the best of them, after much playing about in various programmes:

Pretty awful. Now my negative scanning attachment for my scanner only really does 35mm (although I have managed to do other, more exotic formats in there). However these negatives were much larger, almost the same size as some of the medium format stuff my brother had done for college, so they wouldn’t fit in the attachment:

Now all this negative attachment seems to do, at least from what I could see if back light the negatives so they appear better to the scanner. So in the shower (of all places), I had a thought of using my laptop to display a pure white screen and then putting this backwards onto the scanner so it’d work. Then the light bulb moment. My phone.

I remembered that my old phone had an app available that made the screen go completely white to use a sort of torch. Genius. So  I went onto the appstore and found the iphone version, and then put the screen brightness to 100%, and used it to scan the negative:

So I ended up with this image:

And after some messing about in, inverting colours and such not even putting much effort into it, I ended up with a pretty decent picture. I could probably improve this a lot more, though:

Seems to work pretty well, at least with black and white stuff, I’m not too sure if it’ll work too well with anything else.

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