The Devil makes work for idle hands

So I’ve pretty much finished transferring all the old content from my old websites database to this one.

I’ve stuck it all in a new section with different sub-pages for each thing. There’s still a few things I need to fix, namely some of the HTML on the quote page which stops the pate from validating properly, then I’m off to make an archives page so I can take that section off the main page so the index looks a lot cleaner.

Should look pretty decent here when I’m done, then I can restart my WordPress theme I had going.

When I find it :\


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    • Tox
    • Jan 26th. 2011 12:06am

    On my to-do list, somewhere after solving world hunger with alphabet soup (I have no idea), I was supposed make an admin module for f-dot that would let you insert the old quotes from your site into the QDB on f-dot… never got around to it though. Should try and make a script that can detect duplicate quotes.

    • Ben
    • Jan 26th. 2011 11:43am

    I’d debated writing another SQL/PHP script to transfer them myself, but after the insanity I went into writing the last 3 or 4 I’ve had to do for this, I think I’ll pass.

    I’m still trying to find the plugin/wordpress hack I had eons ago to change the smilies on here :\

    • Tox
    • Jan 26th. 2011 10:42pm

    I’ve never written a wordpress plugin. But surely it shouldn’t be too hard?

    I just took the trillian smiley pack from phpBB and converted it to a function I use on non-phpBB sites. Could probably do something similar to wordpress I imagine.

    I still have the pack you gave me with all the trillian smileys, so if you can’t find it, I could always put it up on the server somewhere.

    • Ben
    • Jan 27th. 2011 3:19pm

    I’ve looked into it, but I just don’t get php anymore. It used to make sense in my head but now it just doesn’t.

    Somewhere I had an SQL script that I used to take the info from phpbbs database and import it into the format wordpress uses for smilies, then all I had to do was upload the smilies.

    • Tox
    • Jan 28th. 2011 5:52am

    I’ve got a script that parses the pack files phpBB creates, so I can convert it into whatever format I need it in.

    • Ben
    • Jan 28th. 2011 2:45pm

    I found it easier to extract the info from the phpbb database, since the one part of php I can do easily is sql shitz.

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