Welcome to the last 6 years of my…anger/rage/uselessness/whatever?

So after much discovery on many, many backup discs, I have imported posts from about 5 different revisions/versions/whatever of my site from over the years.

Even as I post this I’m still finding old shit that I can import into here, so far I’m back as far as August 2005, although I’m sure I can go back further than that.



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    • Tox
    • Jan 7th. 2011 4:54pm

    Lots of stuff to read. Though that could be a good thing or a bad thing.

    • Ben
    • Jan 7th. 2011 5:39pm

    That’s actually a damn good point, I might wanna proof read some of this, as there may be stuff I don’t… want to publish :\

    I’ve also found a fucking prehistoric version of my site kicking about, I’m gonna see if there’s anything worth saving from that.

    6 year old backup disks ftw.

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