Even more useless than the last addition/A random rant


So out  of a combination of pure boredom and general need of shit to play with, I’ve ordered over the past couple of weeks stuff that I don’t need. Two 1.5TB hard drives and two Opteron 265 CPUs. The CPUs I’d ordered a few weeks back but hadn’t gotten around to fitting them. But last week I received the two HDDs.

Copying all the data over from HDD to HDD was a fucking pain the ass. I’d intended to scrap the 500 and 200 GB drives and replace them with what my my music/video was on; two 750 GBs, as these were being replaced with the new drives. This meant I had to copy all of my media  over to one of the 1.5s, then fire up MS backup and recreate the backup archives on the other drive. Then format both the 750s and copy the data from the other two drives onto these. Then run go back to MS backup and recreate the backup archives again. Ugh, effort. Backing up the media drive alone took…forever:

Once I’d done this I could start to reassemble the system, re-cable stuff, change the CPUs over, replace a dieing fan and other shit. It took well over a week as I went away for the weekend whilst I was doing this (more details on THAT later). For the tech kids, porn, I mean pics:

And Finished:

A Rant

Also on the rant front, my parents are starting to do a bit of an overhaul to our house, new central heating system, some rewiring etc. this means my makeshift desk thingy in the loft has to be moved. Fail. Somehow I have to move all this shit:

To somewhere else. My first Idea was to buy a rack from ebay, but after looking… No. Coooost. So I started looking for homemade ideas, and after some looking found some items from Ikea that strangely are the same dimensions as 19″ racks. Here. Co-incidentally, my parents were off to Ikea that weekend, so £5 later:

One server rack in potentia.  All I need now is a few hundred feet of Cat6, some RJ54 sockets and such. I figure if I’m gonna move all this shit I should redo the *lot*, specially since at the minute I have switches and shit all over the place:

Hopefully when I’ve bought all the shit I should get a hackjob but somehow generally awesome solution to my overkill computer setup. 😀