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Car Insurance Sucks

So, I’m looking for car insurance for cars earlier. WTF is going on here? Somehow the insurance companies seem to think it’s acceptable to charge like 3x the value of the car a year for insurance :|. ...
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New Laptop

After much deliberation, I got myself a new laptop. Took me quite a while to decide what to get; I was looking at several models, but in the end decided to go for a refurbished model, as you can pickup half decent models from IBM for like £300. And I’d rather do that than pay £400 for a new laptop, sure it’s new, and probably faster, but I’ve seen those things in PC World and such, they suck, they’re huge, have like half an hour of battery life, and wiegh a tonne, and they just generally feel like they’re gonna fall apart after a couple of months of use....
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V4s coming..

More soon, f00ls....
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